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Walking Holidays in Morocco

Walking Holidays in Morocco

Morocco Walking Holidays

Mt Toubkal Climb

Walking Holidays in Morocco
8 Days from USD 779

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Exhilarating trek to the summit of North Africa's highest mountain

Walking & Trekking

Mt Toubkal Long Weekend

walking in Morocco
5 Days from USD 779

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Conquer Mt Toubkal in a long weekend walking adventure

Walking & Trekking

Mt Toubkal Winter Climb

Walking Holidays in Morocco
8 Days from USD 1,149

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Magnificent trekking in the snowy High Atlas Mountains of Morocco


Undiscovered Atlas

Atlas Mountains, Morocco
8 Days from USD 1,049

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Trek the valleys and oases of Morocco's remote southwest

Walking & Trekking

Atlas Panorama

Tijhza Village
8 Days from USD 979
USD 779

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Morocco's colourful Marrakech and peaceful mountain walks

Walking & Trekking

Top 5 Trails on Walking Holidays in Morocco

Mt Ouanakrim: An impressive peak standing over 4000m in the heart of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, Mt Ouanakrim has two summits, Timzguida and Ras Ouanoukrim, which are the second and third highest mountains in the Atlas range. Even though Mt Ouanakrim isn’t as tall as its lofty neighbour, Mt Toubkal, the route to the summit is more challenging. This is good option for the more adventurous hiker on our walking holidays in Morocco. Although the initial ascent begins quite gently, it does become more difficult, however, you’re rewarded with magnificent views across the Atlas Mountains.

Mt Toubkal: Claiming the title of the highest peak in north Africa at 4167m above sea level, Mt Toubkal is a demanding route for more seasoned hikers on Morocco walking holidays. The trek to the summit is not for the faint-hearted and will push you to your limits, but the beautiful mountain scenery inspires and spurs you on to the top with each step. Along the way, you’ll walk through traditional Berber villages where you can meet the local people and get an insight into their extraordinary life in the Atlas Mountains.

Lake Tamda: Nuzzled between the peaks of Jebel Tamda and Jebel Anghomar, Lake Tamda is a mountain lake of intense beauty. Lying at 2267m and hugged on all sides by dramatic white rocks, the lake is a remote mountain oasis. You might be surprised to find trout swimming in the water and if you fancy a dip yourself, you can join them. There’s a real sense of calm here and you might be tempted to linger a little longer and soak up the peaceful ambience and stunning surroundings.

Jebel Aklim: Towering 1531m above sea level, Jebel Aklim is one of the tallest peaks in the Anti-Atlas. There’s no denying it’s a steep climb to the summit but it offers some of the best views you’ll experience when walking in Morocco. As you navigate a high col and several ridges, you can pause to look back at the sensational pink-hued landscape where the rock is made up of Quartzite and shale sediments. The area surrounding Jebel Aklim is rugged and barren and the mountain itself is what’s left of an ancient volcano.

Mt n’Oughlagal: Approaching Mt n’Oughlagal from around the back, a short hike and a sandy scramble up this modest peak introduces you to some breath-taking views and you can just about make out Mt Toubkal in the distance. En route you might even meet a local goat herder or a shepherd steering their herds through the pastures. Because this route along Mt n’Oughlagal isn’t one of the more popular on Morocco walking holidays, you can immerse yourself in the remoteness and tranquility of the mountains.

Morocco walking holidays FAQs

How long are your walking tours in Morocco?

Typically, our Morocco walking holidays last from five to eight days, giving you plenty of time to trek, explore and take in all the wonders this country has to offer.

Will I be walking with others during my trip?

We run guided group tours on our hiking holidays in Morocco. Groups are kept relatively small not only to give you a more personable experience but also to help minimise any impact on the surrounding environment in our pledge to remain environmentally conscious. You’ll be walking with 8-16 like-minded people with a passion for travelling, so you’re bound to find plenty of common ground.

We also offer private group adventures.

Where will I stay overnight during my trekking holiday in Morocco?

During your trip and depending on the tour you choose, you’ll do a mix of camping and hotel stays, so you’ll have a chance to freshen up with more convenient facilities part-way through. Of course, a trekking holiday up some of the country’s highest peaks won’t always offer the most luxurious of resorts. However, we always choose reputable locally owned accommodation providers who will be delighted to have you.

What should I wear for my walking holiday in Morocco?

As with any hiking or trekking trip, you’ll need sturdy walking boots and thick socks to tackle any uneven terrain. You’ll be doing an average of six hours of walking a day, so make sure you feel prepared.

Then it’s a case of adapting your walking clothes to suit the hot weather, while still dressing conservatively. Morocco is a Muslim-majority country, and although tourists don’t need to abide by the dress code, it is respectful to cover your shoulders, knees and chest where possible.

For your Morocco walking holiday, we recommend loose, breathable athletic wear designed to absorb sweat, and shorts that aren’t too revealing. Sunglasses and a sunhat are essential, as you’ll be exposed to the sun for most of the day.

For downtime outside of hiking, you might prefer loose, breathable clothing made from linen or cotton. Having layers handy will also mean you’ll be comfortable during the daytime and in the evenings when it’s cooler. The climate can be more unstable up in the Atlas Mountains, so we suggest bringing a light waterproof just in case. Be sure to check the itinerary of your tour when you pack.

What is the highest peak in Morocco?

Mount Toubkal is the highest peak in North Africa, never mind Morocco, sitting at 4,167m above sea level.

Book onto one of our Mount Toubkal tours if you want to push yourself during your trekking trip to Morocco. You’ll trek right up to the top, passing ancient Berber villages and enjoying jaw-dropping views across the pre-Sahara landscape and neighbouring mountains.

What is the weather like in Morocco?

It is recommended that you visit Morocco between September and June due to the extreme heat during the summer season. Marrakech reaches around 37°C between June and August, but you can expect maximum average temperatures of 28°C outside of this period.

The weather in the High Atlas Mountains is slightly different. It’s cooler, but the south is influenced by the Sahara, resulting in hot desert temperatures most of the year. Temperatures reach a maximum of 26-28°C outside the summer season (June to August), which experiences temperatures of around 36°C. Our walking tours in Morocco take place at the best time of year for your chosen route.

What is the best city to stay in in Morocco?

Outside the hikes themselves on our Morocco walking tours, Marrakech is a great place to stay. It’s bustling and full of new sights, smells and sounds you won’t find anywhere else.

Is Morocco a good family holiday destination?

We offer several family-friendly walking holidays situated across the globe. Unfortunately, our Morocco walking holidays aren’t suitable for younger children, so we recommend finding an alternative or venturing with us child-free.

Will I get to visit Marrakech?

Many of our walking tours in Morocco begin and end in Marrakech. This means you have some time to get stuck into the hustle and bustle of this vibrant city, before moving on to more tranquil destinations high above sea level. With our trekking holidays, you can take in the very best parts that Morocco has to offer.

Our Atlas Panorama tour starts and ends in Marrakech. You may even decide to extend your trip to make the most of it.

How long is the flight to Morocco?

The flight from London to Marrakech is approximately 3 hours and 35 minutes.

What is Morocco like to go on holiday to?

Morocco is a beautiful and eye-opening place. Marrakech is bustling and very crowded, whereas the places you’ll be walking will offer a little respite from the crowds. Depending on what you prefer, it could be useful to bear in mind because there are pros and cons to both.

Morocco is also a dry country, although some venues in certain parts of Marrakech may serve alcohol. It is also recommended that you abide by the more conservative dress code to avoid people staring.

Where can I find the latest travel advice for Morocco?

Why choose a walking holiday to Morocco from Exodus?

A fantastic week in Tuscany, the family who ran the Agriturismo were delightful and could not be more friendly, considerate and helpful. The accommodation is fairly basic,but clean and comfortable (as expected). We were worried prior to the trip about the weather, but it turned out to be sunny most of the week! The itinery was just amazing, varied and with some quite incredible walks; especially the last day hiking up Monte Sumbra – unforgetable! The walking group was a great cross section of people, and many laughs were had over the week…..all I can say is it is a ‘must do’ trip!

Lee Brooks Walking in Tuscany

Walks well paced and enjoyable. Guide ensured excellent teamwork. However, due to unseasonal heavy rains the accommodation was unsatisfactory. Despite several requests the owner of the farmhouse refused to turn on any heating. This not only made our nights uncomfortably cold, but gave no opportunity for our wet clothing, bath towels, etc., to dry. In addition we were unable to sit outside and there was no communal area inside to gather. The swimming pool was not ready for our use. I contacted Candice who though sympathetic, was unable to resolve the situation.

Judith Mellor Chianti Walking & Wine

We hiked with a fabulous, congenial and like-minded group. We all got on so well. Our comradery made the trip fun and stimulating. The Villa Casalta is an odd place. Exodus needs to do a site visit or just scrap this villa and look elsewhere.

Perry Como Chianti Walking & Wine