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Finland Holidays

Finland Tours

Explore the land of primordial forests, wild bears and Northern Lights for a fairytale adventure

Activities in Finland

Our Best Finland Tours

Finnish Wilderness Week

8 Days from USD 3,450

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Mixed activity week in a remote part of Finland


Finnish Winter Adventure Family Holiday

husky ride through the Finnish wilderness
8 Days from USD 3,675

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

See the Northern Lights in Finland


Snowshoeing in Finland

Group snowshoeing in Oulanka NP, Finland
8 Days from USD 3,450

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Snowshoeing in the stunning wilderness of Finland


Best of Norway, Sweden & Finland

11 Days from USD 5,250

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Oslo to Helsinki: Explore vibrant cities, picturesque islands, and rich cultural heritage


Walks of the Baltics and Finland

12 Days from USD 3,148
USD 3,000

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Visit four countries in 12 days, through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland

Walking & Trekking

Winter in the Baltics, Helsinki & Stockholm

10 Days from USD 3,000

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Experience the magic of winter in five European capitals: Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki and Stockholm


Cross-Country Skiing in Lapland

8 Days from USD 2,285

Self-Guided Holidays (Incl. Taxes)

Stay in Yllas, a cross country skier's paradise in the heart of Finnish Lapland.


What is Finland known for?

Finland is known for its stunning natural landscapes, including thousands of lakes, dense forests, and the magical Northern Lights visible in Lapland. Visitors also appreciate Finland’s vibrant design and architecture scene, exemplified by Helsinki’s modernist buildings and innovative design districts. The country’s sauna culture is a must-experience, offering relaxation and rejuvenation in traditional wood-fired saunas followed by invigorating dips in icy lakes or the Baltic Sea.

When is the best time to visit Finland?

While Finland is a year-round destination, for those interested in winter activities like skiing, snowmobiling, and seeing the Northern Lights, the best time is from December to March when the country transforms into a snowy wonderland. During the summer months from June to August the weather is mild and the days are long, allowing ample time for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and exploring the vibrant cities. This period also coincides with the Midnight Sun phenomenon in Lapland, offering extended daylight hours for outdoor adventures and experiencing the unique Finnish culture and festivals.

FAQs on Finland Tours

What can I expect on a tour of Finland?

On a small-group guided tour of Finland, you can expect a personalized and immersive experience that combines cultural exploration with outdoor adventure. From Helsinki, where you might discover iconic landmarks like the Helsinki Cathedral and learn about Finland’s history and vibrant urban culture, to Finland’s pristine natural landscapes, where activities like husky sledding, snowshoeing, and Northern Lights hunting await, your tour of Finland is sure to delight.

Throughout the tour, knowledgeable guides will enrich your experience with insights into Finnish traditions, local cuisine, and sustainable practices. Small group sizes ensure intimate encounters with Finland’s landscapes and communities, whether you’re exploring ancient Sami culture in Lapland, visiting local artisans, or enjoying a traditional sauna experience.

Where is Finland?

Finland is located in Northern Europe, bordered by Sweden to the west, Norway to the north, and Russia to the east. It also shares a maritime border with Estonia to the south across the Gulf of Finland.

How many days in Finland is enough?

Our tours are expertly crafted to give you a taste of everything your destination has to offer. Our Finland tours range in length from 8 day Finnish immersions to 12 day multi-country adventures.

What winter activities can I do in Finland?

Our Finland tours include opportunities to cross-country ski, snowshoe, dog sled, downhill ski, snowmobile safari, watch the Northern Lights, visit reindeer farms, and more.

What currency is used in Finland?

Finland uses the Euro, making it a convenient destination for a multi-country European adventure.

Finland Map

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