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Family Holidays in Finland
Family Holidays in Finland

Family Holidays in Finland

Finland Family Holidays

Top 5 Activities on Family Holidays in Finland

Snowmobile Tour: Snowmobiling is a great way to travel across Finland’s icy landscapes. This adrenalin-fuelled activity will no doubt excite all the family as you whizz over frozen lakes and through dense forests. Snowmobiling is also a great way to cover more distance and travel further into the remote wilderness. Expert guides will teach you how to drive the snowmobile and you’ll be given full safety instructions before you set off.

Husky Safari: Playing a huge part in the Lappish culture and history, huskies have long been providing transport over the Arctic landscape. These friendly animals take you on a thrilling sledge ride through the snow-dusted forests and over frozen swamps. Before you set off, you’ll have the chance to meet the Siberian huskies at a nearby dogsled centre and learn about their nature and how they’re trained in these freezing conditions. Following guidance from the experts on how to steer the sledge, embark on a fabulous mushing tour. The adults can take it in turns to steer the sledge or enjoy the ride as a passenger and enjoy the winter wonderland scenery.

Snowshoeing Excursion: If you’re not familiar with snowshoes, they’re a form of footwear that allow you to walk on top of deep snow without sinking. They’ve been used in Arctic countries for centuries and snowshoeing is the best way to traverse the Finnish wilderness on two feet. It’s also a great way to really appreciate the scenery and wildlife close up. Set off from Basecamp at Oulanka National Park and follow the bends of the Kitkajoki River where you’ll pass frozen rapids and dense forests. Your guide will teach you everything there is to know about the local animals and birds that can be seen on your adventure.

Cross-country Skiing: Originating from Scandinavia, cross-country skiing is a popular activity in Finland and a fun way to explore the countryside. At Juuma Lake, a professional instructor will teach you how to use the skis. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the basic techniques, head out onto the lake to hone your skills. It’s a fabulous feeling gliding across deep virgin snow, surrounded by the scenic Finnish backdrop.

Northern Lights Tour: On Finland family holidays in the winter, a Northern Lights tour is highly recommended. Whether you want to head out to remote locations on a snowmobile, husky sled or snowshoes, this is an unforgettable adventure. Also known as the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights are most often spotted in countries that lie above the Arctic Circle and can be seen dancing across the dark sky in twisting ribbons of neon green, yellow and pink. Because the Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon, it can be unpredictable so when you do catch a glimpse of it, it’s even more magical.

A wide range of wildlife spotted. We were extremely lucky to see Wild Dogs twice, a good number of White Rhino in Umfolozi and significant herds of elephant, Zebra and giraffe amongst many other animals.
Also had a good sighting of lions on our last day in Kruger.
Andrew, very well assisted by Trymore, was an excellent guide full of enthusiasm and a great host. Food prepared at the sites was very good as was the choice of restaurants on the occasions that we ate in towns.
There was a good close up experience with dolphins in Mozambique and it was the dolphins that approached the guests rather than the other way around.
The border crossing from Mozambique involved a lengthy delay as it was a Sunday and many workers travelling across to South Africa.
The lodges used were comfortable and well located.
Overall, a highly recommended trip for those who love wildlife although as always sightings can never be guaranteed.

Keith Ginnaw Southern Africa Safari: Kruger & Coast

Something of a bucket list holiday for me.
The combination of different locations was testament to the local knowledge of the tour organisers.
Yes the trip is full on, be prepared for the early starts and different activities, but they are worth it.
All very well organised, taking into account differing physical capabilities, and designed to get the best out of the specific area.

John Wigley Southern Africa Safari: Kruger & Coast

Great trip learnt all about ancient Jordans deep historical past

Jill Sheargold Petra & Wadi Rum Family Adventure