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Southeast Asia is a cyclist’s dream – bikes are the modus operandi for many locals, so you’ll fit right in. You see more from the saddle than you’ll ever spot from the back of a bus, whilst covering plenty of ground and seeing the regional variations as you pedal.

Southeast Asia by bike is the perfect break for anyone wanting to learn more about the culture, with a little bit of activity thrown in there too. Here we run down five of our favourites and what they’re best for.

Explore Asia by Bike

1. Indochina & Angkor

Best For: Crossing Borders

A rolling meander through three distinctly different countries, each with their own tasty specialities to sample along the way to fuel your multi-country adventure.

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2. Laos

Best for: Unusual Adventure

Five Amazing Asian Experiences By BikePaddy fields, Laos

Experience rural sleepy Laos at its best, passing through traditional villages and along empty roads flanked by stunning limestone cliffs, this really is a trip to get under the skin of this little known country.

3. Vietnam

Best for: Foodies

vietnamese foodVietnamese food

Journey the length of this fascinating country experiencing frenetic towns and vast coastline. You’ll make your way from south to north, ending with a night on a traditional boat cruising the waters of Halong Bay.

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4. Myanmar (Burma)

Best for: Temples

Five Amazing Asian Experiences By BikeCycling in Bagan, Myanmar/Burma

A journey like no other – a country on the brink of huge change, but still very new to tourism, awaits you. Expect a consistently warm and friendly welcome and marvel at the multitude of gold glistening temples, floating markets and colonial remains.

5. Indonesia

Best for: Volcanoes

Borobudur Temple, IndonesiaBorobudur Temple, IndonesiaIndonesia doesn’t do things by halves. This is Asia at its most dramatic and awe-inspiring. Volcanoes? Check. We explore the volcano-studded island of Java. Deep, dark jungles? Check. The lush interior of Bali is a wildlife lover’s paradise.Find out more: Cycling Indonesia’s Islands

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