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Cycling Holidays in Spain
Cycling Holidays Spain

Bike Trips in Spain

Our Best Bike Tours in Spain


Cycle the Coastal Portuguese Camino

Cycling Holidays in Spain
8 Days from USD 3,375

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Pilgrims and adventurers unite on a two-wheel journey to the holy town of Santiago de Compostela

On Offer

Cycle the Camino de Santiago

Roman bridge in Molinaseca, Leon, Spain
8 Days from USD 2,923
USD 2,640

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Ride a historical pilgrimage route across Spain

On Offer

Cycling the Mediterranean Coast in Spain

Cycling Holidays in Spain
8 Days from USD 3,450

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Cycle between two of the most happening cities in Europe: Barcelona and Valencia

On Offer

Cycling Girona and the Catalan Coast

Cycling Holidays in Spain
7 Days from USD 3,448
USD 3,285

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Cycle in the most famous cycling region in Spain


Classic Catalan Cycling

Cycling Holidays in Spain
9 Days from USD 2,525

Self-Guided Holidays (Incl. Taxes)

Explore the Catalan countryside with its historic castles, hilltop fortresses and ancient wine villages


Self-Guided Cycling in Andalucia: Seville to Cadiz

Spanish Square (Plaza de Espana) in Sevilla at sunset, Andalusia, Spain
7 Days from USD 2,570

Self-Guided Holidays (Incl. Taxes)

Discover one of Spain’s most iconic areas by bike


Mallorca Self-Guided Coast to Coast Ride

Cycling Holidays in Spain
8 Days from USD 2,540

Self-Guided Holidays (Incl. Taxes)

Enjoy coastal and inland cycle routes across this enchanting island


Contrasts of Catalonia (Catalunya) Cycling

Cycling Holidays in Spain
7 Days from USD 2,375

Self-Guided Holidays (Incl. Taxes)

Ride through beautiful Spanish villages and rural orchards


Contrasts of Catalonia (Catalunya) Cycling

Cycling Holidays in Spain
5 Days from USD 2,000

Self-Guided Holidays (Incl. Taxes)

Cycle unspoilt Catalonia, passing through olive groves and pretty coloured villages.


Top 5 Spain Bike Tours

1.Cycle the Camino de Santiago
Embark on an unforgettable journey tracing the footsteps of pilgrims along the legendary Camino de Santiago. Starting from the historic city of León, each day offers a new chapter in this pilgrimage, cycling through picturesque countryside, quaint villages, and stunning mountain landscapes to Astorga and beyond, immersing yourself in the rich history and cultural tapestry of the Camino. As you pedal through the Galician landscape, passing through traditional agricultural villages and historic landmarks like Samos Monastery, you’ll discover the true essence of this ancient route before finally reaching the majestic cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

2.Cycling the Mediterranean Coast in Spain
Experience the vibrant energy of Barcelona’s bustling streets and historic landmarks before venturing into picturesque seaside towns like Sitges and L’Ampolla, where you’ll savor delicious cuisine and relax by the sea. Pedal through the breathtaking landscapes of the Ebro Delta and Sierra de Irta Natural Park, encountering diverse wildlife and unspoiled scenery along the way. Finally, visit the enchanting city of Valencia, immersing yourself in its rich history and modern marvels before bidding farewell to an unforgettable week of adventure and discovery.

3.Cycling Girona and the Catalan Coast
Explore Catalonia’s stunning landscapes and charming towns on a journey starting from Barcelona, meandering through historic landmarks and cultural gems. Pedal along the picturesque Garrotxa National Park to the medieval town of Girona, where you’ll uncover the old quarters and cultural hotspots. Discover the breathtaking Costa Brava coastline as you cycle to Sant Feliu de Guixols and Calella de Palafrugell, enjoying refreshing swims and scenic vistas. Loop through Palafrugell and Palamos, sampling local produce and wines before concluding your adventure in the medieval town of Besalu.

4.Cycle the Portuguese Camino
For an alternate approach to Spain’s legendary Camino, begin in Porto, Portugal, soaking in the historic charm before pedaling along the Atlantic to Esposende, experiencing picturesque seaside towns and delicious local cuisine. Cycle along the scenic coast to Praia de Ancora and bid farewell to Portugal as you cross into Spain by boat, continuing to Baiona and Pontevedra. Traverse rural Galicia, visiting Caldas de Reis, before reaching the historic city of Santiago de Compostela.

5.Classic Catalan Cycling
Discover the charm and beauty of Catalonia, beginning in Calella de Palafrugell, known for its stunning beaches, before cycling to Torroella de Montgri, where you can explore medieval fortresses and enjoy picturesque views. Continue to Figueres, birthplace of Salvador Dali, and explore its rich history and architectural wonders. Pedal through scenic countryside to Girona, where you can stroll through its historic streets and visit its impressive cathedral. Conclude your adventure with a ride along the Via Verde back to Calella, taking in the breathtaking coastal scenery along the way.

A tough and rewarding pilgrimage through the spectacular Galician scenery. Some great food and drink, and many laughs with a group of like-minded cyclists.

Ian Williams Cycle the Camino de Santiago

Another memorable holiday with Exodus!
Vietnam has exceeded all expectations! Definitely one of my favorite destinations and one to strongly recommend.
Perfectly organized. We saw the modern and traditional side of Vietnam. We had the best support team on our cycling days!
We had good breaks between cycling and sightseeing days. We had the most relaxed leader CHI NGUYEN who allowed us time to ourselves, time to enjoy and do our own thing, which is something I appreciate a lot on holidays as the pressure of following the plan is sometimes too much in group holidays. Words are poor to express my gratitude to our amazing team of leader, mechanic, supportive staff.
The weather was as expected. Sunny and hot as it is in these countries. Our hotel rooms where fantastic air condition available , we had a swimming pool available in most of them .
Whale Island was beautiful and the people so friendly and welcoming.
The food!!!!!!!!! was just amazing! Every day we tasted a different dish. As a vegeterian I think I had the best menu choices. I can’t talk enough about the food in Vietnam. Back home for two weeks now and I am already trying all these amazing receipes.
Chi! (Chi Nguyen) : your kindness, calmness , confidence, knowledge, your talent, but most of all your humility as a person are impressive. I consider myself a very lucky lady to have met you and it was an honor to have you as a leader on our holiday.
Thank you for showing us your amazingly beautiful country!
Ey! our sweet smiling tender-hearted mechanic!
I wouldn’t have made it without your help and encouragement? Thank you for supporting us all, thank you for your patience , thank you for the smiles, the laughs !
Truong and Nhan !
You guys have earned a very special place in my heart!
You made the road easy to run with your positive energy, with your smiles and your kindness! Thank you for all the care, the fruit, the water!!!!!!,! But most of all thank you for being there!

The colours, the flavors, the views and all of you beautiful people, will stay in my heart for ever!
Definitely coming back to Vietnam very soon!
THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU AT EXODUS! I can’t praise enough your staff in Vietnam. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet theses wonderful people.


When is the best time to cycle in Spain?

The best time of year to cycle in Spain depends on your preferences and the region you plan to visit. Generally, the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) months are considered ideal for cycling in most parts of Spain. During these seasons, the weather is typically mild and comfortable for outdoor activities, with pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds compared to the peak summer months. You’ll also be likely to find beautiful landscapes, including blooming flowers in spring and vibrant foliage in autumn, enhancing the cycling experience. Check your trip notes for more details on the climate of your specific tour’s region, and be sure to pack appropriately.

Is Spain safe for biking?

At Exodus, your safety is our top priority, and we take measures to ensure that every destination and route we plan is safe for biking in Spain. Our experienced team is on hand to provide support and assistance throughout your journey. You’ll be accompanied by experienced local guides and receive detailed route directions, maps, and local emergency numbers before your departure, allowing you to navigate with confidence. Additionally, we provide high-quality bikes that undergo thorough checks before your arrival, ensuring a safe and enjoyable biking experience in Spain.

FAQs on Spain Bike Tours

What should I expect on a bike tour in Spain?

Each biking tour in Spain promises an immersive journey through diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. As you pedal along scenic routes, you’ll encounter breathtaking coastal views, picturesque countryside, and charming villages steeped in tradition. From the rugged cliffs of the Mediterranean Coast to the Moorish majesty of Mallorca, each day offers new discoveries and memorable encounters with Spain’s natural beauty.

In addition to scenic cycling, you’ll have the opportunity to explore historic landmarks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and local attractions along the way. Whether it’s exploring medieval towns, visiting ancient ruins, or savoring authentic Spanish cuisine, each stop on your tour provides insights into the country’s fascinating history and vibrant culture. With expert guides leading the way and perfectly curated itineraries, our cycling tours Spain will be an unforgettable adventure filled with exploration, discovery, and the joy of pedaling through one of Europe’s most captivating destinations.

Why choose Exodus for your biking tour in Spain?

At Exodus, we’re known for our expertise in adventure travel, with years of experience organizing cycling tours worldwide. Our knowledgeable local guides and cycling experts provide valuable insights into the local culture, history, and landscapes, enhancing your overall experience.

We offer a variety of biking tours Spain, catering to different preferences and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking for leisurely rides along scenic routes or an experienced cyclist seeking challenging mountain trails, we have options to suit your needs.

Our expert team works tirelessly to plan the best routes, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. We also take care of logistics, including transferring your luggage to each accommodation ahead of your arrival, so you can focus on enjoying the ride, and prioritize your safety and comfort, ensuring that each of our biking tours adhere to high standards of safety protocols and provide comfortable accommodations along the way.

How long do I need to cycle in Spain?

The ideal duration of your cycling trip in Spain depends on factors like your fitness level, preferences, and the regions you wish to explore. Our guided bicycle tours Spain range from seven to nine days, offering plenty of time to immerse yourself in everything this incredible country has to offer.

Does Spain have good cycling?

Spain is known for cycling, and it’s a popular destination for cyclists from around the world. The country offers a diverse range of terrain, from mountainous regions like the Pyrenees to flat coastal routes, making it appealing to cyclists of all levels.

Spain has a strong cycling culture, with a rich history of hosting prestigious cycling events like the Vuelta a España, one of the three Grand Tours of cycling. Additionally, many professional cyclists, both past, and present, hail from Spain, contributing to the country’s reputation as a cycling hotspot. The Spanish government has also invested in cycling infrastructure, including dedicated bike lanes and cycling-friendly cities.

Do you have to wear a cycle helmet in Spain?

Helmets are mandatory for everyone on a guided Exodus cycling trip. You must bring your own as, following best safety practice, they are not available to rent.