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Al Rahma Mosque Jeddah - Saudi,Arabia

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Top 5 Things to Do in Saudi Arabia

Explore the Ancient Ruins at Hegra: The ancient city of Hegra is one of the most fascinating places to visit on Saudi Arabia tours. Once the 2nd city of the Nabatean Kingdom, this UNESCO World Heritage Site takes you all the way back in time to the 2nd century BC. After being untouched for millennia, the archaeological site is now open to tourists and gives you an insight into its ancient civilisation. Unlike its sister site of Petra, it hasn’t yet attracted as much of a tourist crowd, but its historic artefacts and sun-bleached architecture are equally as interesting. As you explore the site, you’ll see some of the 130 monuments, tombs and rock carvings.

Visit the World’s Largest Camel Market: On the fringes of the bustling town of Buraydah stands the largest camel market in the world. Covering two square miles that are filled with camels, sheep and goats, this is one of the most frenetic yet mesmerising Saudi Arabian experiences, which epitomises both the Bedouin and modern-day culture. The noise of the animals and the vendors haggling combined with the heat of the desert and the smells is like nothing you’ll ever encounter again but this is one of the best ways to experience true Arabian culture.

Experience a Traditional Souq: All over the country you’ll find traditional souqs that are typical of the Saudi Arabian culture. Even if shopping isn’t usually top of your list of things to do when you’re on holiday, you’ll love the vibrant atmosphere and the heady aroma of spices. It’s great fun to shop like the locals and haggle for some gifts to take back home. You’ll find everything from clothes and incense to unusual antiques. On our Saudi Explorer trip, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Al Jerredah Souq and the Women’s Souq.

See the Rock Art at Jubbah: Enveloped by a windswept plain and standing on the remains of an ancient lake, Jubbah is home to some of the oldest examples of Neolithic rock art. The huge sandstone rocks feature detailed inscriptions and petroglyphs that depict life in Palaeolithic times. Many of the inscriptions represent the animals that would have once lived at the lake, such as cheetahs, lions and aurochs. You’ll also see interpretations of human figures that give clues about the lifestyle and clothing of the time, as well as scenes of hunting.

Camp Beneath the Stars at AlUla: Located in the Arabian Peninsula, AlUla is an ancient oasis that dates back millennia. There’s something magical about the Arabian desert where the haze of the midday heat floats across your eyeline and sandstone rocks can be seen interjecting the otherwise barren landscape. But in the evening, AlUla becomes even more enchanting as the intense golden sunset slowly fades to reveal a black canvas studded with flickering stars. Camping at AlUla is not only one of the most beautiful experiences, but you’ll also learn about the ancient civilisations that once lived on the land.

Saudi Arabia Tour Highlights 

  1. AlUla – with the Nabatean ruins at Hegra, the ancient city of Dadan and the stunning desert scenery, this is one Saudia’s must-see areas. 
  1. Al Ahsa Oasis – in Saudi Arabia’s eastern province, this is an intriguing region and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are lagoons, date farms, sand dunes and numerous archaeological landmarks. 
  1. Buraydah camel market – experience the chaos, sounds, sights and smells of the world’s largest camel market! 
  1. Al Bahah and Thee Ain Village – this is a region of mountains in the south of Saudi Arabia. Walk around old stone villages, and enjoy the cool mountain air. 
  1. Medina – Islam’s second holiest city cannot be fully explored by non-Muslims, but you can gain a fascinating peek into this place of pilgrimage.