The irresistible urge to travel solo can stem from different motivations. Maybe it’s to get to know yourself better, mark the beginning or end of a chapter, indulge in a personal interest, or even serve as a well-deserved break from everyday life – these are just some of the reasons our soloists tell us about.

Perhaps it’s simply that you want to try a particular adventure, and your friends or partner don’t fancy it. Taking the attitude of “I’ll just do it anyway!” can kickstart a renewed sense of adventure and even unleash a braver, bolder part of you that you didn’t know you had.

If you haven’t travelled solo before, it may seem a daunting, albeit exciting, idea. But travelling solo doesn’t mean travelling alone. Joining a group tour means you get the best of both worlds – doing something for yourself but alongside others. It can be an opportunity to connect with people and make friends. Or provide moments to disconnect, but where company is never far away.

If you’re thinking about booking a solo adventure in 2023, here are five incredible locations to consider for your first foray into trips where you prioritise yourself. And whether you’re up for something not too far away (in which case, Italy is a great contender) or want an escapist experience in the likes of Costa Rica or Vietnam, there are journeys that suit people of all ages, abilities, and budgets.

Where to Travel Solo in 2023

Costa Rica

If you’re travelling alone for the first time, finding a trip where there’s plenty to see and do on your itinerary helps to give you and your fellow travellers plenty to chat about. Costa Rica offers wonderfully immersive experiences and a total change of scenery from your everyday life if that’s what’s motivated your solo adventure. The incredible biodiversity of Costa Rica means you’re never short of things to do, from boating and ziplining to birdwatching and hiking.

Ideally, you’ll want a couple of weeks to dedicate to exploring Costa Rica properly, and a well-planned trip will take you to the key highlights. Our Discover Costa Rica trip takes a circuit around the nation, beginning and ending in San José and spending two or three nights in each location you visit with the chance to explore verdant rainforests, mangroves, lava fields and those famously beautiful cloud forests.

Costa Rica is a proper away-from-it-all location and the perfect place for reset-and-reflect moments where you’ll spend most of your time in nature, spotting howler monkeys, caimans, and sloths. Keen cyclists can join other solo travellers and cycle through Costa Rican rainforests and past volcanoes by cycling coast to coast, riding alongside others on a memorable challenge through sensational landscapes.

Where to Travel Solo in 2023


Egypt is a spellbinding place. Stories of ancient rulers, mighty pharaohs, dastardly adventurers, and architectural splendour make it genuinely inspirational and a place that feels compellingly and wonderfully different from most people’s everyday lives.

If you’re travelling solo for the first time, there might be some activities you’d avoid. But when you travel solo in a group on a tried-and-tested trip with an experienced local guide, even the most intrepid experiences will feel safe and reassuring!

Satisfying the wanderlust of even the most adventurous travellers, our Pyramids & Pharaohs in Egypt trip has a jam-packed itinerary where you’ll travel with a group across Egypt, with the chance to kayak on the Nile, take a cross-country sleeper train, and explore the islands around Aswan on a felucca.

Alternatively, our Nile Cruise can be an effortless way to get to know Egypt and the ideal way for a first-time soloist to feel that you’re moving through a country with the reassurance of being part of a pre-planned adventure.

Where to Travel Solo in 2023


Vietnam is a wonderland where neon cities starkly contrast with an otherwise lush, peaceful place. In a significant upgrade to a traditional backpacker journey, our Vietnam Adventure stays in comfortable hotels but doesn’t sacrifice a sense of adventure — you’ll board a sleeper train, stay at a homestay guesthouse, and use boats to explore the Mekong Delta and Ha Long Bay.

If you’re a keen cyclist, Vietnam is a beautiful country to explore on two wheels. On our Cycling Vietnam trip, you’ll cycle anything from 16 miles to over 60 miles daily, following primarily flat and paved roads. It’s a great way for solo cyclists to navigate through Vietnam under the guidance of experts and in the company of others also looking for a challenging but achievable experience.

Where to Travel Solo in 2023


A flight from London to Morocco only takes around 3.5 hours, so for first-time solo travellers, it feels like an exciting escape without being too far from home. On our Highlights of Morocco trip, you’ll travel in a small group with anything between five and 16 others for 15 days. It’s a deep discovery of Morocco, exploring the imperial cities of Marrakech, Meknes, and Fez, but spending plenty of time in rural Morocco on journeys across mountains and over desert dunes.

For a challenge, our Atlas Descent rewards accomplished mountain bikers with impressive mountain scenery and the opportunity to ride some of the best trails in the Anti Atlas Mountains. Zip along fast single tracks, navigate hairpin bends that follow ancient mule routes and bump over rocky jeep tracks that carve their way through indigenous Berber communities, where you’ll have plenty of chances to meet the locals and experience their culture.

Where to Travel Solo in 2023


The appeal of Italy runs deep. With world-class food and wine, a long and fascinating history, and gorgeous scenery, there’s much to love. If you’re looking for an adventure with some indulgences, our Classic Dolomites – Premium Adventure marries the comfort of the four-star Hotel Adler in Villabassa with exhilarating daily walks into the mountains where there’s just the right level of challenge to feel a satisfying sense of accomplishment. There’s a free day where you can spend time alone in the hotel’s wellness centre or take a solo cycle around the area. Or perhaps you’ll spend some time with new friends you’ve met on the journey.

Further south, The Amalfi Coast is equally appealing. The Path of the Gods is considered one of the best coastal walks in the world, and it’s amazing to share the views with new friends. One of the joys of solo travel in a group is finding that perfect blend of time to yourself without giving up having people with whom to share experiences and beautiful views.

So in 2023 why not Share the happiness on an Exodus group tour, where you’ll have the best local guides with you every step of the way.