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Exodus has been trekking and skiing in Trins for more than 30 years. This traditional village in the heart of the Austrian Tyrol is a haven for outdoor lovers, and the community has been so welcoming to our groups over the years that we wanted to give something back.

Gschnitztal Mountain Rescue

So in the winter of 2011/12, we began a small collection to support the Steinach/Gschnitztal Mountain Rescue Team, organised by Exodus leader Bob Mason. Exodus clients are the biggest contributors to the Steinach/Gschnitztal Mountain Rescue Team. Like most mountain rescues, the team is made up entirely of volunteers and provides a vital service to walkers and skiers over both the winter and summer seasons. 

We’re lucky enough that the team are able to join our groups for an evening to give a short presentation about their work, to learn more about this important organisation and how their donations can help. To date, we’ve raised a phenomenal €6,500 to help them make the mountains safer for everyone.  

Bob honoured for charity efforts

As a result of this support for the local mountain rescue team, Bob Mason, who has led for Exodus in Trins for 34 years, was recently presented with an “Ehrenurkunde” – a certificate of commendation – signed by the head of mountain rescue for the Tyrol. This is an exceptional honour, especially for a foreigner, and reflects the appreciation of the team for our contribution and support. Congratulations Bob, and thanks for leading the way in more ways than one.

bob with his certificateBob at the Exodus office with his certificate 

September 2016 update from Bob Mason

“This summer we collected €1000, which will be used to pay for a specialised tripod that allows for safer access when carrying out rope work on a vertical cliff. Here is a picture of one in use in the UK, so that you know what I am talking about!

tripod in trainingTripod in training 

I also attach a photograph of the money being handed over to the leader of the team, Marco Knoflach. We have now collected a total of €6525 since we started in the winter of 2011/12.

bob and the mountain rescue teamBob and the Mountain Rescue Team 

Over the last winter season 2015/16 we collected €400. This was added to the €800 collected during the previous summer season to purchase a badly needed replacement stretcher – this is the latest state-of-the-art mountain stretcher and the team leader Marco Knoflach is delighted.”

There is also some sad news from this year. Bob has always been ably assisted by his friend and colleague, Chris Burke, who was co-leader for all the summer seasons (and occasional weeks in the winter) since commencing our support for the Steinach/Gschniztal Mountain Rescue Team. Sadly Chris died of a heart attack during the last week of the summer season 2016. The mountain rescue team members would like to record not only their condolences for his untimely death but their thanks for his unstinting support.

2015 update

“We have a collecting box in the hotel and this winter season 2014/15 collected €550. This will be used to purchase a replacement for one of the team rucksacks – the old one has worn out. This is the latest state-of-the-art mountain rescue rucksack fully equipped with 49 items of climbing equipment – see picture below.”

Exodus clients are the biggest contributors to the Steinach / Gschnitztal Mountain Rescue Team. Pictured is Bob Mason handing over this season’s donation to the delighted leader of the Mountain Rescue Team, Marco Knoflach, along with Roswitha Wallasch our hostess at the Hotel Wienerhof.

Bob Mason, Roswitha Wallasch and Marco KnoflachBob Mason, Roswitha Wallasch and Marco Knoflach 

2014 update

This summer, the collection for the Mountain Rescue Team amounted to €950. We had set a target of €1300 for the winter and summer seasons to help with the purchase of a defibrillator. We have more than achieved this!  Last year our donations were used to buy a new ‘vacuum mattress’ (used for immobilising casualties with suspected spinal injuries), two new high-illumination head torches, climbing ropes and some first-aid supplies. 

Since the winter of 2011/12 we have collected and donated €3775 in total – a stunning figure! This summer, the MD of outdoor equipment company,  Highlander, Bahram Golzari joined one of our groups in Trins. He was so impressed by the lecture given by the Mountain Rescue Team that he immediately donated funds as well as equipment for all 28 members of the team.  We would like to extend our thanks to Bahram for his generosity.  

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