For summer 2022 we have an exciting selection of cycling adventures filled with roller-coaster rides that capture the colourful contrasts of each destination. From the vast South American deserts to the hypnotic rhythms of Cuba, these trips take you on a cultural journey of discovery through the most astonishing landscapes. And between the months of May and August, you can also enjoy £300 off selected departures on our Summer of Adventure.


Cycle Chile & Argentina: Atacama to Salta 


Cycling from the Atacama to Salta, this cycling tour of Argentina and Chile takes you among many of the fascinating highlights of South America. From June to September, it’s the winter season in the southern hemisphere and although it’s considered the low season to travel, it presents many benefits for cycling tours.

Between June and September, the temperatures can vary from 8° and 19°C but the cooler days make long rides much more comfortable, making it ideal for cycling through the unearthly Moon Valley, the salt flats of Jama, and the lush rainforests. You’ll also find there’s less rainfall during these months and the strong winds of summer are a distant memory. On this cycling trip from San Pedro de Atacama to Salta la Linda, you’re unlikely to see much traffic or many other cyclists, particularly in the winter season. 

From June to August the mountainous backdrops are covered in snow, creating a magical backdrop that will excite the avid photographers on our trip. But in September, as the snow begins to melt away and the temperatures become more moderate, you’ll be blessed with mild sunny days.  


Costa Rica Coast to Coast Ride 

costa rica

As you cycle along the Pacific coastline, past tropical rainforests, volcanoes and Caribbean plains on this Costa Rica Coast to Coast Ride, you’ll be introduced to the most beautiful scenery and thrilling wildlife experiences. Because Costa Rica sits north of the equator, it has a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 10ºC – 13ºC in the highlands and from 22ºC – 26ºC in the lowlands. Although you can expect showers between June and September, they are relatively short-lived and the sunshine soon dries up the roads. August boasts fairly moderate temperatures and the rainforests of Manuel Antonio National Park are lush and teeming with wildlife such as sloths, coatis, racoons and various species of monkeys. 

In the summer months, the zig-zagging waterways of Tortuguero National Park play host to some of Costa Roca’s most spectacular creatures. A summer boat trip along the rivers provides you with unforgettable wildlife encounters with monkeys, caiman, butterflies, iguanas and hundreds of species of birds.


Porto to Lisbon Atlantic Ride 

Atlantic Ride

Often overlooked as a cycling destination, Portugal is a great place for exploring the Atlantic coastline by bike. Travelling mostly on tarmac roads and cycle paths, the dry summer weather provides great conditions for cycling. Temperatures can soar between June and September, but the cool Atlantic wind makes long rides extremely pleasant and gives you a welcome push on some of the tougher routes. September is a great time for booking our Porto to Lisbon Atlantic Ride as the crowds begin to disperse and you can enjoy a quieter exploration of the vibrant cities of Porto and Lisbon and other local towns and villages along the way. 

Because the temperatures remain high in September, you can spend time relaxing on one of the sun-drenched beaches at Figueira da Foz, Sao Pedro and Mira. And while the flora and fauna at Sao Jacinto Nature Reserve thrive in September, you’ll escape the hustle and bustle of the peak tourist season. The sandy landscape is also peppered with unusual plants and flowers and you’ll have the opportunity to spot a plethora of bird species, from egrets and herons to storks, flamingos and sandpipers.


Cycling the Dalmatian Coast 

Dalmation Coast

Combining picturesque coastal routes and mainland roads, our Dalmatian Coast cycling tour takes you on a breathtaking journey among seaside villages, ancient towns and the islands of Korcula and Hvar. As well as soaking up the stunning Mediterranean scenery of Croatia, you’ll also discover the history and culture of each destination. The best times for cycling in Croatia are in June, late August and September when there’s less rainfall and traffic on the roads and the temperatures are more moderate. During these times, you’ll also avoid the high tourist season, which makes cycling and exploring the cities and towns a much more relaxing experience.

As we follow mainly tarmac roads and quieter routes with some steep hills, it’s best not to travel between July and mid-August as the heat can make the cycling more challenging. In June, late August and September you can take the ferry from Orebic to Korcula which means you can avoid a long bus journey and also immerse yourself in the verdant scenery. Exploring the Peljesac Peninsula during these times is a total delight as the olive groves and hillside vineyards are in fruit, creating an attractive backdrop over the Adriatic. 


Cuban Highlights Ride 

Cuban Cycle

From the hip-shaking salsa beats of Trinidad and the glimmering coastline of the Caribbean to the tropical hills of Hanabanilla, our Cuban Highlights Ride steers you away from the tourist hotspots and takes you into the cultural heart of the country. Summer in Cuba is the dry season, but temperatures can soar during July and August so it’s best to travel in June or September. Because these months are out of high tourist season, the roads and towns will be quieter, making cycling through the countryside and towns and along the coast a more peaceful experience.

Throughout the summer, the UNESCO towns of Cienfuegos, Havana and Trinidad come alive with music, art and colourful festivals including the Santiago de Cuba Carnival in July, the Trinidad Carnival in June, and the Havana Carnival in August.


If these spectacular cycling trips have you itching to explore on two wheels, take a look at our Summer of Adventure collection. Your next cycling holiday may be sooner than you think!