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Culture Holidays in Greece
Spring into April Departures

Culture Holidays in Greece

Greece Culture Holidays

Top Archaeological Sites to Visit on Cultural Holidays in Greece

The Acropolis: The Sacred Rock, as the Acropolis is also known, is one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in the world. Rising above the city of Athens on a rocky hilltop, the ancient citadel is one of the finest examples of Greek Antiquity. Some of the most important monuments to be found here include the Parthenon, Athena Nike temple and the Propylaea, which date back to the 5th-century BC. The Parthenon temple was built in honour of the goddess Athena and plays one of the most integral roles in the history of Greece.

The Panathenaic Stadium: Greece culture holidays wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Panathenaic Stadium, one of the most prestigious historical sites in Athens. As well as hosting the Panathenaic Games in the 4th century, the stadium was originally built entirely out of marble. It would later be used for the first modern-day Olympics in 1896 for the opening and closing ceremonies. You can still stand between the huge rows of marble seats and imagine the roar of the crowd as the games began.

Olympia: Arguably the most famous archaeological sites in Greece, Olympia was the first site to host the Olympic Games. The site is made up of several other monuments and buildings, including the Temple of Hera and Temple of Olympian Zeus. The latter was constructed around 520 BC and lays claim to being one of the largest Doric temples in the country. It was built in honour of the Greek god of Zeus and is double the size of the Parthenon to give you an idea of its scale.

Delphi: Clinging to the slopes of Mount Parnassos and shrouded in ancient myths, Delphi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site once believed by the ancient Greeks to be a sacred place where heaven and earth met. Framed by a mountainous backdrop, this is an extraordinary site most famous for the Oracle of Delphi which pilgrims would travel to from far and wide to receive prophecies from Apollo. Explore the Temple of Apollo, the Castalian Spring, and the Treasury of the Athenians and of the Siphnians.