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Cycling Holidays in France
Cycling Holidays France

Biking Tours in France

Best Bike Tours in France


Cycle Northern France: Brittany to Normandy

Cycling Holidays in France
7 Days from USD 3,448
USD 3,285

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Take to the saddle through northern France's idyllic landscapes and world-changing history


Cycle Champagne & Burgundy – Premium Adventure

Premium Adventures

Cycling Holidays in France
7 Days from USD 6,225

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Vineyard vistas and gentle cycling through two celebrated wine regions


Cycle the Loire Valley

Cycling Holidays in France
7 Days from USD 4,875

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Cycle through France's Loire Valley and discover fairytale chateaux and prestigious vineyards


Dordogne Valleys and Villages Cycling

Beynac village, Dordogne, France
9 Days from USD 2,360

Self-Guided Holidays (Incl. Taxes)

Cycle through France's dramatic river valleys, medieval villages and past fairytale chateaux


Cotes Du Ventoux Cycling

Cycling Holidays in France
7 Days from USD 2,585

Self-Guided Holidays (Incl. Taxes)

Explore Provence with its colourful medieval villages, eclectic markets and good local wines


Corsica with Ebike

Cycling Holidays in France
8 Days from USD 3,200

Self-Guided Holidays (Incl. Taxes)

Discover the stunning North coast of Corsica


Hilltop Villages of Provence Cycling

Cycling Holidays in France
5 Days from USD 2,090

Self-Guided Holidays (Incl. Taxes)

Discover the famous hilltop villages and breath-taking scenery of the Luberon region.


Cycling the Grand Crus of Burgundy

7 Days from USD 2,435

Self-Guided Holidays (Incl. Taxes)

Cycle Burgundy while enjoying exceptional food and wine


Top Five Cycling Regions in France

1. Brittany
Pedal through picturesque landscapes from St. Germain to Dinan, immersing yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the area and treating your taste buds to a shellfish-tasting session in the medieval port town. Explore the tranquil River Rance estuary as you journey towards the coastal gems of Dinard and Saint-Malo, where fortified ramparts and picturesque ports await your discovery. Experience a scenic ride along the Emerald Coast, savoring fresh oysters in Cancale, and in the captivating capital of Brittany, Rennes, indulge in the region’s renowned Breton specialties.

2. Normandy
Embark on a cycling journey through the historic landscapes and scenic coastal routes of Normandy. Explore the D-Day landing beaches, where Allied forces made their mark during World War II, and delve into the rich history of charming seaside towns. Pedal through lush countryside adorned with apple orchards and dairy farms, soaking in the beauty of this picturesque region. Explore the iconic Mont Saint-Michel, a UNESCO-listed island crowned by a magnificent abbey.

3. Champagne
Explore the rolling hills and vineyards of the Champagne region. Explore the charming city of Reims before setting off to explore picturesque wine villages and prestigious champagne houses. Savor sparkling tastings as you traverse the scenic landscapes, soaking in the beauty of this renowned wine-growing region.

4. Burgundy
Indulge in the rich history and stunning landscapes of Burgundy on a cycling adventure through vineyards, medieval towns, and lush countryside. Immerse yourself in the region’s exquisite wines and architectural wonders in the captivating city of Beaune. Pedal through picturesque villages and vineyard-covered hillsides, sampling world-class wines and savoring the region’s renowned cuisine along the way.

5. The Loire Valley
Pedal through the enchanting Loire Valley, and discover majestic chateaux, vineyards, and quaint villages while enjoying the region’s renowned wines and gastronomy. Experience the picturesque town of Blois, where cobbled streets and riverside charm await. Pedal past the fairy-tale castles of Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire and Château du Clos Lucé, Leonardo da Vinci’s former residence, with a delightful wine tasting in Amboise along the way. Traverse the vineyard-lined banks to Vouvray and visit Chinon for a memorable cellar visit and wine tasting experience.

This was a good adventure through three countries, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Starting with Thailand, the first day’s cycling had a mix of temples to see as well as cycling but I felt that day 2 and 3 we were just cycling to get out of Thailand with not much to see and was a bit boring. Cambodia was amazing with not just the amazing Angkor complex, but also the more sombre sights of Phnom Penh, S-21 and the Killing Fields, where our local guide’s personal stories really made you think. Vietnam was different again, with much better scenery for cycling and a lovely stay in the Mekong Delta. Saigon, you are left to explore on your own. I visited the War Remnants museum and the Independence Palace, which both were an interesting visit. The local teams who organised the cycling, were well organised with a special shout out to the Vietnam team, though their roads were the bumpiest.

Christopher Mather Cycle Indochina & Angkor

Good trip enjoyed by all

Robert Bowman Cycle the Baltics

How long do I need to cycle in France?

The ideal duration of your cycling trip in France depends on factors like your fitness level, preferences, and the regions you wish to explore. Our guided biking tours France are seven day tours, offering plenty of time to immerse yourself in everything this incredible country has to offer.

Do you have to wear a cycle helmet in France?

Helmets are mandatory for everyone on a guided Exodus cycling trip. You must bring your own as, following best safety practice, they are not available for hire.

FAQs on bike tours in France

What should I expect on a bike tour in France?

On small-group bicycle tours France, expect a rich and immersive experience that combines adventure, culture, and camaraderie. Accompanied by knowledgeable guides, you’ll pedal through breathtaking landscapes, from charming villages to vineyard-covered hillsides, while learning about the local culture and history.

Each tour offers plenty of opportunities for cultural immersion, including visits to historic landmarks, interactions with locals, and indulgence in regional cuisine and wines. Traveling with a small group fosters a sense of community, allowing for personalized attention and the opportunity to forge friendships with fellow cyclists. With flexibility and support provided throughout the journey, you can expect a memorable and rewarding exploration of France’s scenic beauty and vibrant culture.

When is the best time to go cycling in France?

The best time to go cycling in France is typically during the spring and autumn months, specifically from April to June and September to October. During these seasons, the weather is generally mild and pleasant, with cooler temperatures ideal for outdoor activities. Spring brings blooming flowers and lush green landscapes, while autumn offers vibrant foliage and harvest festivals in wine regions. Additionally, tourist crowds are fewer compared to the peak summer months, allowing for a more enjoyable and peaceful cycling experience. Be sure to check the specific weather conditions and regional climate patterns for the areas you plan to visit, as weather can vary across France’s diverse landscapes.

Where is the best cycling in France?

France offers an array of fantastic biking destinations, each showcasing its unique charm and beauty. Explore the lush vineyard regions of Burgundy, Chablis, and Cotes du Rhone, where tranquil country lanes wind through picturesque landscapes, offering opportunities to sample world-famous wines along the way. In Provence, pedal past sweet-scented lavender fields and discover traditional French villages nestled in the hillsides, immersing yourself in the region’s rich history and culture. Brittany‘s winding coastal roads offer awe-inspiring views of the rugged coastline and lead to historical sites, providing a breath of fresh air and endless exploration opportunities. Whether you prefer scenic countryside routes or coastal adventures, France promises unforgettable biking experiences for enthusiasts of all levels.

Is France safe for biking?

France is generally considered safe for biking, with a well-developed network of cycling routes and infrastructure catering to cyclists of all levels. At Exodus, your safety is our top priority, and we take measures to ensure that every destination and route we plan is safe for biking in France. Whether you’re embarking on a self-guided tour or joining a guided group, our experienced team is on hand to provide support and assistance throughout your journey. You’ll receive detailed route directions, maps, and local emergency numbers before your departure, allowing you to navigate with confidence. Additionally, we provide high-quality bikes that undergo thorough checks before your arrival, ensuring a safe and enjoyable biking experience in France.

Why choose Exodus for your biking tour in France?

Choose Exodus for your biking tour in France to embark on an unforgettable journey that goes beyond the typical tourist trails. Our carefully designed trips take you off the beaten track, allowing you to immerse yourself in local culture and explore hidden gems that you wouldn’t discover otherwise. From the renowned vineyards of Burgundy to the charming villages of Provence, France offers a feast for the senses, with delicious wines and traditional dishes awaiting your indulgence.

Our expert team works tirelessly to plan the best routes, providing you with accurate maps and trip notes to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. We also take care of logistics, including transferring your luggage to each accommodation ahead of your arrival, so you can focus on enjoying the ride.