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Woman cross country skiing in Lapland Finland

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Top 5 Winter Activities on Lapland Holidays

Snowshoeing: Snowshoeing is one of the easiest ways to cross the frozen landscapes in Swedish Lapland. On our Lapland trips, you’ll get to explore the picturesque scenery that surrounds Rajamaa and learn about the local wildlife and nature. An expert guide leads you through forests and over frozen swamps in search of various species of birds and fauna, sharing their knowledge about the flora that manages to withstand such harsh conditions. At the end of your snowshoeing excursion, you can warm up in a traditional Swedish sauna.

Dogsledding: Siberian huskies have long been an important part of the Lappish culture, being trained to draw sledges as a mean of transport across the snow. Our holidays to Lapland give you the opportunity to meet with these friendly dogs at a local dogsled centre and find out more about how they’re trained.  Following instructions on how to steer to steer the sledge, you’ll set off on a mushing adventure of a lifetime, racing through forests and over icy swamps. If you want to enjoy the ride as a passenger, you and your partner can take it in turns to drive, allowing you to appreciate the wintry scenery.

Forest Skiing: The forests of Swedish Lapland are totally enchanting with row upon row of thick fir trees weighed down by the snow, transforming the land into an extraordinary scene of frozen sculptures. Originally used in Russia and other Scandinavian countries, forest skis have been around for thousands of years, transporting people across the snow. Owing to the skins on the base of the skis, they can be used in deep snow and allow you to glide up or downhill.

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the forest skis, you’ll embark on a thrilling two-day expedition deep into the forests of Swedish Lapland.

Northern Lights Tour: Most often experienced in countries above the Arctic Circle, the Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon that graces the sky with its eerie yet beautiful hues. More commonly known as the Northern Lights, this natural light show lures travellers from around the globe on holidays to Lapland. While our expert guides take you to some of the best vantage points at the best times, there is no guarantee of seeing the Aurora, however, the journey along the way is equally as exciting.

Snowmobile Safari: Imagine zipping over frozen rivers and through snow-drenched forests on a snowmobile; it’s an unforgettable and adrenalin-fuelled adventure you won’t forget. No Lapland holidays are complete without a snowmobile safari. If you want to gain a lot of distance faster than on two feet, then snowmobiling is the best way to travel. Racing to remote, open settings where the dark night sky is clear, there’s a chance you might also encounter a captivating display from the Northern Lights.

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