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walking in Japan

Japanese Alps

Japanese Alps Adventure Holidays

This is such a well designed itinerary to see the real Japan, from their rich history and Culture to the modern side it was amazing how you travel through their history along the trip. You get to see a LOT of places along the way in a manner that feels like you have accomplished a lot but not too quickly. I think anyone going to Japan has to be prepared for a lot of travelling and moving around, especially as almost everything is on public transport. Don’t let this put you off as it is the best public transport in the world! So clean, always on time, friendly and respectful people – coming back to the UK after the trip was a real shock after we got experienced to the Japanese way.

Alex M Ancient & Modern Japan

My wife and I greatly enjoyed our trip to Japan. It was a wide ranging trip covering a good number of Japanese sites and experiences as much as you might expect in the time we were there.

Stuart Jackman Ancient & Modern Japan

An amazing trip to japan to see its wonder and it didn’t disappoint. we were blessed with incredible weather which led to the blessing of seeing Mount Fuji fully during the day and at sunset which is mesmerising. the snow monkeys also came out to entertain us in such a beautiful location. we also had sakura viewings almost every day in abundance in the warm sunshine. spotting geisha wandering along and talking to each other as they were on the way to bookings was a lifelong tick of my list!! seeing a dance show complete with a comedy section which was totally relatable even if we couldn’t understand Japanese eating the most amazing food lots I have never had before and seeing how the real people of japan eat out and drink sake.

Angela Whitbread Ancient & Modern Japan

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