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Tours in Uruguay

Uruguay is stunning, dilapidated architecture, rural charm and 660km coastline of pristine sandy beaches. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s one of South America’s best kept secrets.

The capital Montevideo is one of the most captivating cities on the continent, and yet it seems to have ducked the limelight – for now. Here you’ll find whitewashed cathedrals, surprising art deco masterpieces, and vibrant market halls that entice with the heady aromas of sizzling Asado Grills.

For more history, the wonderful town of Colonia de Sacramento is one of the oldest in country. This UNESCO world heritage site is a wonderful town to just stroll and soak up the atmosphere. The Barrio Historico features 17th-century cobblestone streets leading to the many restaurants and cafes of Plaza Mayor, which are often filled with Argentine visitors who’ve popped across on the short ferry ride from busy Buenos Aires.

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In focus: Uruguay’s Estancias

An overnight stay in an estancia is an experience not to be missed in Uruguay. Rural life is dominated by farming. This is cattle country, where the rural farm estates cover vast areas where beef cattle graze the low, rolling hills and plains. Estancias embody the spirit of South American gaucho, the charismatic cattle herders that ruled these hills. They’re perfect places to enjoy rural life on the huge estates – horse riding, fishing, strolling the countryside the way they have for centuries.