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Need a New Year’s resolution that you’ll want to keep? Forget boring resolutions about what you’ll quit or lose, here are 8 summits to climb in the New Year.

From splendidly isolated peaks to iconic volcanic summits, there really is a mountain for everyone. Climb one and chances are it won’t be your last. Wherever you walk, the sense that the world is opening itself up to you step by step is one of the most liberating and uplifting experiences we can imagine. And if you want to talk uplifting, well, the only way is up…

Bucket List Ideas

Monte Capanne

Elba from Monte CapanneMonte Capanne

Where? Elba, Italy
Level: Beginner
Max altitude: 1019m
Avg altitude: 500m
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Elba is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets, and there’s nowhere finer to enjoy this beautiful island than from the summit of Monte Capanne, where stunning views also take in Corsica and the rest of the Tuscan Archipelago. Don’t fancy the walk? There’s the option to take the cable car instead.

Mount Etna

Where? Sicily, Italy
Level: Beginner 
Max altitude: 3350m
Avg altitude: 800m
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Best for volcanic landscapes; you’ll be hard-pressed to beat Sicily for dramatic black lava flows and beautiful but otherworldly trekking vistas.

Mount Toubkal

Where? Morocco
Level: Intermediate
Max altitude: 4167m
Avg altitude: 2600m
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Best for those short of time, this popular peak can be conquered in just a long weekend – or, if there’s no rush, the surrounding High Atlas offer miles and miles of pink and orange routes to enjoy.

Mount Triglav

8 Summits to Climb in the New Year

Where? Slovenia
Level: Intermediate
Max altitude: 2846m
Avg altitude: 2000m
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Best for thrill seekers with a head for heights, this dramatic mountain is in the heart of the moon-like peaks of the vastly underrated Julian Alps. Snake along a vertiginous ridge towards summit glory, aided by a few ropes.


8 Summits to Climb in the New YearKilimanjaro

Where? Tanzania
Level: Intermediate
Max altitude: 5895m
Avg altitude: 4000m
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Best for seeing the curvature of the Earth, a suitably spectacular reward for your efforts. There are several routes to the top – we offer two of the quietest, and most beautiful.

Stok Kangri

8 Summits to Climb in the New Year

Where? India
Level: Experienced
Max altitude: 6153m
Avg altitude: 4000m
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Best for gaining high-altitude experience, Stok Kangri is many people’s first 6000m peak – giving this summit an aura of romance and nostalgia for many trekkers.

Island Peak

8 Summits to Climb in the New Year

Where? Nepal
Level: Experienced
Max altitude: 6189m
Avg altitude: 3680m
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This is not one for the faint-hearted. The summit itself is a roped ascent through deep snow, surrounded by a sea of jagged, dramatic peaks in the heart of the Khumbu. But the views make it worthwhile. 

Lenin Peak

Climbing Lenin peak, Kyrgyzstan.Lenin Peak

Where? Kyrgyzstan
Level: Experienced 
Max altitude: 7134m 
Avg altitude: 4513m 
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The snowy crown jewel of the Pamir Mountains, Lenin Peak is one of the most accessible 7000m summits out there. For a challenge of epic proportions, this new addition to the Exodus (mountain) range is a must. Plus, the first departure is accompanied by none other than Exodus’ mountain queen, Valerie Parkinson.

Take a look at our trips below and choose which summits to climb in the New Year.