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Are self-guided adventures for you? Here’s the best way to find out. We’ve listed our top 10 reasons you’ll love self-guided holidays – and why this is the year you should go for it!

1. Self-guided adventurers are on the rise

2016 saw a huge increase of Exodus travellers going self-guided. More and more of you are picking self-guided adventure – in fact, 2016 saw an increase in numbers of almost 20% compared to 2015 – a trend we’re sure is going to carry on into 2017. This is the year to hop on the bandwagon!

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2. Get flexible with your dates

Cycling through Sighisoara citadel Cycling through Sighisoara citadel

Because you’re not joining a group, a self-guided adventure is not restricted by scheduled departure dates. You can pick your own start date – for most of our adventures this will be any Saturday, but many can be organised to start any day of the week you like.

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3. No nasty navigation surprises

Camino de Santiago Scallop shell waymark on the Camino de Santiago

Just because there’s no leader, doesn’t mean you’re on your own. We’ll send you everything you could need to set you up for a straightforward holiday.

You’ll have detailed route notes and instructions to make sure you get on your way easily each day, along tried and tested routes that you know will work, and for those with an eye for navigation, we’ll include detailed maps as well. So you can relax and enjoy your holiday!

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4. You’re fully supported – all luggage transfers included

A brief pause walking the French Riviera A brief pause walking the French Riviera

Nobody enjoys lugging about a huge, heavy rucksack. So we’ve taken care of it for you. Our baggage transfers take your main luggage from hotel to hotel for you, so you can bring all your creature comforts without being weighed down.

All you need is your normal day bag, and when you reach your next hotel everything you need will be waiting for you that evening.

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5. Get active!

Cyclists in the Dolomites Cyclists in the Dolomites

Love the outdoors? Self-guided holidays are the perfect way to get active and enjoy the natural world at the same time. You can reach places on foot or on a bike that you’d never be able to reach in car or bus, giving you absolute freedom to discover the landscape around you.

It’s liberating to leave behind the crowds and strike out on your own merit – plus, being active makes you appreciate that final viewpoint all the more.

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6. You’re in control and you set the pace

Cycling the Wetlands of Sardinia Cycling the Wetlands of SardiniaLove scenery? You’ll have plenty of time to stop and stare, as you’re on your own schedule. Want to sprint to the top of the hill? No problem, you don’t have to match anyone’s pace but your own. Race for the finish or watch the world go by, it’s your call!

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7. Wider range than ever before

Rome - your final goal on the Francigena Way Rome – your final goal on the Francigena Way 

With a wider range than ever before, including the addition of no fewer than 16 new self-guided adventures for this year, now’s the perfect time to branch out and try self-guided for the first time. If you’re an old hand, then hordes of new choices are there to tickle your fancy.

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Bike & Boat self-guided cycling on the Danube Bike & Boat self-guided cycling along the Danube

Our ones to watch are the new Bike & Boat trips, which combine cruising mighty rivers with beautiful cycling, and the Francigena Way – a rural, rustic alternative to the Camino de Santiago, and without the crowds.

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8. You still get local tips

Cheese stall, food market, rural Provence Cheese stall, food market in rural Provence 

Worried you might miss out on local insight? No chance. We include a list of local’s top picks and recommendations for the best restaurants, local attractions and handy hints and tips to make your life easier.

Whether it’s making the most of your trip to the local castle, the best place to try the regional specialities or how often the bus goes, we’ve got your back.

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9. Handpicked, family-run hotels

The Art Nouveau beauty of Serra Golf Hotel, Portobay, Portugal The Art Nouveau beauty of Serra Golf Hotel, Madeira

Your accommodation is so much more than just a place to get your head down for the night, it’s a part and parcel of your holiday. We carefully choose where we stay – not just somewhere convenient and meticulously clean, but somewhere with character, a bit of insight into local life.

Where we can, it’s a historic building, a family-run business, a champion of local produce.

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10. See the very best of Europe

Castle Neuschwanstein Castle Neuschwanstein, Bavaria

Europe manages to fit a whole lot of adventure into the world’s second-smallest continent. Going self-guided gets you right to the heart of the action, visiting intriguing cultural monuments, discovering ancient and modern history alike, and incredible world-class scenery.

Both icons and underdogs are represented, from iconic favourites like the Mont Blanc Circuit to lesser-known spots you can have all to yourself, like the Cistercian Monasteries of the rural Fagaras Mountains, Romania. With more choices than ever before, there’s no shortage of adventures to inspire the avid traveller.

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