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Photography Holidays

Wildlife Photography Holidays

Exodus’ specialist wildlife photography holidays are designed to give you intimate, unforgettable wildlife encounters in the presence of expert safari guides and award-winning photographers. Whether your destination is the remote wilds of the Arctic ice, the sun-baked vastness of the Masai Mara or the prolific waters of Alaska aboard a specialist yacht, the mantra is the same: patience, going the extra mile, and dedicating enough time are the secrets to success.

On each of our wildlife photography holidays you’ll be accompanied by a specialist photographic guide, whose expertise is key to taking your photography to the next level. Our award-winning wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein often leads these specialist photographic expeditions. “For wilderness or photography fans, the Arctic and Antarctica are nirvana,” he says. These regions have near 24-hour daylight in the summer months, and combined with spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife, a photography holiday here under expert guidance is an opportunity like no other.

Unpredictable wildlife and vast expanses of wilderness can make photographing the world’s wonderful wildlife a tricky affair, but with eagle eyes and expert advice on hand, you won’t be disappointed. Many of photography trips can be arranged as a Private Group Adventure, so if you want to organise a trip for friends, family or your local photography club, you can. 

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Wildlife Photography Holidays

Top tips: The perfect picture 

Know your camera: If you are buying it especially for the trip, take it out beforehand and practice until you know how to use it without looking at the manual. 

Keep your distance: Bring a camera that has a decent zoom, and you'll find your subject is more likely to behave in a calm, natural way. 

Bring plenty of memory: Make sure you take plenty of memory cards. Most people also take portable hard-drives or laptops to give them extra storage capacity.

Invest in a tripod: They are a great way of preventing blurry shots from camera shake, especially when taking pictures in strong winds or in close-up. Tripods are also very useful for keeping images sharp when your camera is on maximum zoom.

Expert help: Book yourself on to a photography course, or join one of our photographic charters to get expert tuition while ‘in the field’.