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Our children's prices are now 25% lower than the adult cost for Exodus-operated guided trips, and that goes for ages up to 16 years!

Ages 13 - 16 years

Designed for ages 13 - 16 years

New for 2019, we’ve introduced a helpful system to ensure you choose the trip that’s right for you and your family. Each adventure has been created with one of three specific age ranges in mind (ages 5-8, ages 9-12 and ages 13-16), though that doesn’t mean children outside that age bracket won’t be welcome!

Adventures on this page will be primarily designed for ages 13-16 years. Teenagers are tricky to please, but these adventures are designed specifically with them in mind.

Most days will be full for those in this bracket but are likely to end mid-afternoon to offer the chance to rest and recuperate, especially where the climate is more challenging — whether hot and humid or very cold! There may be supervised cycling with a support vehicle and long walks, plus wildlife experiences that may require young travellers to demonstrate patience. Journeys may be longer on trips that fall into this age range and food may be a little more adventurous. Trip notes offer full details of what cuisine to expect as this varies by destination.

Adventure Holidays for ages 13-16 years

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