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Escape Zoom fatigue with these epic adventures

Zoom. Teams. Google Meet. Who knew these innocuous little words could become fully loaded with angst? Virtual meetings still dominate even if you’re more office-based than WFH these days. If too much screen time is leaving you frazzled, we get it. Step away from the laptop. Say goodbye to your home office/kitchen table/converted cupboard/garden shed, and set off on an adventure – surely, it’s time?

Press *.  Stargazing in Jordan

wadi rum

What could be further from a day staring at a laptop than roaming through the Wadi Rum desert on a jeep safari? On our Desert to Dead Sea in Jordan trip, you’ll sleep under the stars in a geodesic dome at the Wadi Rum UFO camp and give your distance vision the opportunity it’s been craving as you spend an evening watching a cosmic display. But that’s not all. This trip has all the camel-riding, Amman-adventuring, forest-cabining, Red Sea-swimming, Petra-perusing experiences you need to be the ultimate distraction.

Press command. Summon Sicily

mt etna

Oh, if only your keyboard’s command key could really summon Sicily. Thankfully, it’s only an easy, three-and-a-half-hour flight to this Italian island. Sensational street food awaits in Palermo, and off-roading in a 4X4 over cold lava streams at the foot of Mount Etna promises that here-and-now feeling you’ve been missing. There’s time put aside for relaxing on the beaches of Taormina, although you may be tempted to visit the spectacular Teatro Greco instead. Whether you sightsee or sunbathe, don’t miss the delicious cannoli and granita served in the cafes here. Sure beats your tea and hobnob combo.

Press control. Seize your leave in Nepal


If rolling leave has left you with plenty, it’s time to put it to good use. Head off on a 13-day Mountain Vistas & River Quests in Nepal trip that’s an adventure in the truest sense. You’ll hike the Himalayas, venturing from mountain lodge to mountain lodge on a four-day trip-in-a-trip. You’ll raft through the jungle and stay in a safari tent on the banks of a river. And that’s all before you journey to Chitwan National Park in search of the endangered Indian one-horned rhinoceros.

Press Esc. Head to Greece


What better escapism from WFH than island hopping in Greece? Eight days. One yacht. Five islands. Our Sailing Yachts & Sandy Spots in Greece is a spectacular itinerary that includes a stop at the uninhabited Moni before reaching Aegina and the chance to see the Temple of Aphaea. This fascinating archaeological site forms a perfect triangle with the Acropolis and the Temple of Poseidon. Mystical stuff.

Press ^. Climb a Balinese summit


Our Sunrises & Summits in Bali trip lays on all the good stuff. And if you’re feeling a little spiritually lacking, the chance to receive a blessing by a Balinese priest at a sacred temple could be just what you need. The rest of your trip blends energy with serenity. You’ll whip up some Balinese dishes in an open-air cooking school, cycle through rice terraces, enjoy the high life in swanky beach clubs, and try snorkelling and SUP. You’ll also trek to the summit of an active volcano for breakfast with fizz to celebrate your achievement. 

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