Indian Tiger

Wildlife Holidays in Asia

The largest continent does not have the largest number of reserves but it has certain species which belong near the top of any wildlife glossary, namely Bengal tigers and Orang-utans, to say nothing of sloth bears and proboscis monkeys. The two signature species are also hugely endangered and your visit genuinely makes a difference to their survival.



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Asia Wildlife Adventure Holidays

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Wild Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's wild side, from national parks to the ocean in this tropical paradise

Guided Group, Tailormade Adventures

Wildlife Encounters
10 days
From $3,055 NZD
Activity Level: Leisurely
5 / 5

Highlands of Sri Lanka

Spend two weeks walking and exploring the delights of this diverse and inspiring island

Guided Group, Tailormade Adventures

Walking & Trekking
15 days
From $3,135 NZD
Activity Rating - Moderate
4.7 / 5

Tigers in Focus

Spend time in Tadoba National Park and see the tiger in its natural environment

Guided Group, Tailormade Adventures

Culture Holidays
7 days
From $2,355 NZD
Activity Level: Leisurely
4.3 / 5
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