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Post uni adventure ideas

Hi guys,

Looking for ideas, advice and input as I finish university in May, so in June or July I want to do something big. I have considered doing Everest base camp, Kilimanjaro or Machu Picchu as I did the 24 hour 3 peaks challenge in 2017 which was a good challenge, but have also considered visiting some places in Asia. I don't mind where I go or what I do but it has to be something I can make the most out of the time with and is a good adventure.

I`m looking into packages that include flights and everything just to make things easier. Probably a week or 2 is best time scale for me, as I would also like to do a bit of travelling in Europe which will be much more simple for me to decide upon. Budget is around £1500-£1800. I am really overwhelmed with the options and making the most out of it

Any ideas or inspiration ???



it's too small budget for exelent travel

I have long dreamed of visiting St. Petersburg. For example to visit any tour with personal guide. I consider this option now www.instagram.com/tzarinatours

What do you think about it?

Everest is becoming crowded now from what I read. Too risky too, partly caused by increasing number of tourists.

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