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EBC - 20th Sept - 6 Oct

Hi, 👋🏼

Anyone booked on this trip? :)

Hi Ann Marie

Yes, we are! I‘m Stevie and my husband Carl. Half excited, half nervous. 

hi Stevie and Carl. Nice to meet you both 😂

Sorry for the late reply.

 3 months and 3 days to go 😂. Not counting or anything. How is the training going?

And you! Loving the countdown!  Training going ok I think - walking, cycling and Pilates. Two trips to Cumbria planned in July for fell-walking. What about you? Have you done anything like this before? 

Fantastic! Will be a walk in the park for you both and enjoy the trip to Cumbria, sounds good!

I joined a rambler group this year so this weekend, we went to the Peak a District, other than that I work out in the gym - running and stair climber mainly.

I’ve previously done Kilimanjaro, Inca trail and Mount Toubkal - all with Exodus. EBC has been on my bucketlist for some time. How about yourselves? Have you done anything similar?


Oh I hope so! We’ve trekked in Nepal before, at lower levels, and also done the Inca Trail. We’ve done some other Exodus trips, nearer to sea level! 


Are you flying from Heathrow?

No, home is in South Yorkshire so we’re flying from Manchester. 

Oh yes that makes sense, I live in Birmingham but flying from Heathrow to Istanbul. 

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