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Costa Rica Family Adventure


We are a family of 4 . Ade Anna Ollie (14) and Millie (18) - looking forward to meeting the others on our Adventure. x

Hello Anna, What is your departure date? We are also 4: Rob, Sue, Ella (16) & Edward (14), departing 3rd August. The excitement is mounting!

Good morning Sue

We depart on the 7th August. Not sure if this means we will be.on the same trip or not!

Hi Anna, 

I think that means that you‘ll be on the trip following us. Hopefully the teens ages will fit just as well in both our groups! 

Hi Sue

We asked other childrens ages when we booked so hopefully there are other teenagers on our trip. I hope its the same for you too x

Hi, we're on a slightly later trip - looking forward to it. I'm just starting wondering about packing! Waterproof footwear?

Hi all,

We are departing on the 10th August. Very excited. What jabs have people had? Currently trying to source rabbies vaccine for us all that doesn't cost the earth!


Hi Kaysia, I hadn't seen rabies was necessary - we're going to have hep A and tetanus for those who haven't had it recently, I think. Hoping nothing else is necessary!

Our nurse said it wasn't a 'must', but there is rabies in the country and if you are going anywhere remote and around animals it would be a good idea as it can be transmitted by scratches, bites and even licks. So I thought we would be on the safe side and just get it done.

We are booked in for Hep A and tetanus for me as mine is out of date.

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