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Hi heading to Borneo for the wildlife trip and wondering who else is on it.

Flying from Manchester 


What date are you going Phill? We  are going on 6th April, but flying from London.

Jane and Ronnie

Hi Jane & Ronnie

Yep that's the one I will be going via Doha with Qatar Airways but probably see you all in Malaysia.

You can't miss me I'm likely the only traveller with a small Pudsey bear attached to their daysack.

Looking forward to it and just trying to work out my packing list around my camera 😁

Any more travellers?

Hi, we are a family of 3 heading to Borneo on 6/4! 

Be great to chat to any of you guys joining us before we get there! 

Your family is going to love Borneo.

I will be meeting you all in Malaysia as flying from Manchester- But Jane & Ronnie sound like they are on the group flight.

You an Exodus regular or first trip?

Hi Phil, first trip! We can’t wait! Are you on the family trip as well?

Hi Deb - there is a family and an adult version arriving same date, but I think adult one is 17 days and bit more trekking. 

Am on the adult aimed one ( even though I don't qualify as a grown-up)

Don't worry about a thing you will have a truly epic trip and Exodus are fantastic  been using them for years across the globe.

Borneo is an incredible place.

If have any questions might still be able to help so don't hesitate to ask

Hi all,

I'm on Borneo and the Malaysian Peninsula trip, departing from LHR 6th April.  Is this the same trip, or are you in Borneo for the two weeks?


Getting very excited now - only a month away!

Hi Mags

Think that is a 3rd trip option departing ar same time - mental note don't just follow the Exodus bags onto the nearest bus when I'm jetlagged.

I believe a lot of the advice will apply to the 3 trips

Borneo Wildlife Discoverer

Family Borneo Wildlife Discoverer

Borneo & Malaysian Peninsula


I am on first one but whatever you are doing will have an epic

less than a week now...I'm joining the wildlife discoverer trip from Copenhagen. Very exited and a little worried about heat and humidity. Looking forward to meeting my fellow travellers.

Just wondering if I should have received joining instructions for the Borneo and Malaysian peninsula trip, leaving on Saturday?  I've not had any update since January.

Hi Sus nothing to worry about in the humidity - it is a jungle so yes you will sweat and need to drink lots but trust me it won't be camping in a hammock changing between one set of wets & drys. 

Take a good few changes of clothes so you can peel off a tshirt / top and put on a fresh one. Dry socks a one of life's simple pleasures.

Just drink plenty of water and wear loose fitting stuff you'll be fine.

Mags check spam filter but give Exodus a call and make sure you have final joining instructions / latest details if unsure. You will have a great trip as Malaysia is beautiful. Exodus team are great and they will sort you out on phone if anything needed.


Those on Wildlife Discoverer will meet you at hotel as my flight times changed by Qatar Airways. See you all soon and those not on same trip have an absolute epic.

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