North India Explored - AIJ 1 February 2014

Hi - anyone out there going on this trip?  Husband and I (aged 76 & 71) will be going, once we get over the shock of paying for the insurance.  I gather there will be someone else in the group of similar age - how has it been for you?  This will be the first trip to India for us, so really looking forward to it.  Any tips?

Graham -Says Hello and nice to meet up with someone else who is going. I am in a similar age group to your selves and did South India early this year (2013). This year North India. Didn't have any problems with previous trip - stick to vegitarian food if you are worried about Delhi Belly: it's not automatic that you'll get it though.  I'm on a land only itinery but am flying out using the flights Exodus use. After the trip ends at Ubaipur I'm heading off to Bangkok. Are you flying from Heathrow, if so we might meet up there. 


Hi Graham - nice to hear from you. Quite relieved to see most of the party are of a fairly similar age to us. Impressed to hear that you did South India already this year - I imagine this trip might be very different. A couple of people have recommended eating vegetarian, which is fine by me, but not so appealing to my carnivore husband! I have also been advised to take lots of hand wash gel and to use it frequently. I must say the thought of 'Delhi belly' whilst doing an 8 hour drive day is a bit of a worry, but I just hope we'll be OK. We've been for our inoculations today. Have you had the course of Rabies jabs and do you plan to take anti-malaria pills? Exodus say anti malaria 'essential' but the official govt health advice says we are in a low risk area. Not sure what to do. We are flying from Heathrow so will no doubt see you there. Look forward to hearing from you - and anyone else on this trip.

Graham On the subject of your worries about "Delhi Belli" whilst doing an 8 hour trip. No doubt we'll be stopping en-route at various places so don't pass up the opportunity to use the facilities. To put it plainly. If the worst comes to the worst and you are taken short with D/B, as a last resort, keep a toilet roll handy, ask the bus to stop and make a run for the bushes, you probably won't be the only one nor will be the first. Any traveller will have stories to tell on that subject, I know I have; it's a great social leveler. As I said earlier it's not automatic that you'll get it though.

Only four weeks now. 

Hi to you all. My husband ,David, and I are both semi-retired and will be joining you at Heathrow. The visas came through today so it's official..can't wait, this is our first trip to India! Ther wetter and colder it gets in Cornwall, the more excited I am about flying out!

We've decided against the rabies shots but , having probably done the same research as you ,  are undecided about the anti-malarials - I'd prefer not to take them as it is low risk area..Has anyone got any further with the issue?

Are there just 5 of us on the trip? Graham, any tips about what we should pack?..oh and is it best to take sterling or, as for some countries, US dollars?

Graham Hello Delyth, good to hear from you as well. I note that you are from Cormwall, well I'm just over the border in Devon and I'll look forward to meeting you. I've no idea how many are in the group; I booked when I learned that it was Guaranteed as I'm going on elsewhere after the end of the trip although I am flying out to Delhi using the Exodus flight so could well meet up in Heathrow. I'll try and display an Exodus label. On the subject money: sterling is perfectly acceptable there, don't take travellers cheques, they are becoming a pain to change and with cash you have a wider choice of where you can change them and get a better rate. Most hotels will have a laundry facility so you can cut down on how much you take. Like you I can't wait to get some relief from winter.


Hello Delyth and Graham. Lovely to see someone else in the 'departure lounge'. Thanks for your reassurance (?) re dealing with Delhi Belly,, Graham! Delyth I am interested to hear what you say about rabies and malaria - we decided against the rabies shots (vet friends said not to worry) and like you are a bit u decided about anti-malaria. Medical advice given at our surgery says it's a low risk area so I think we are minded not to take any pills but to cover up at night and take plenty of Deet anti mosquito spray. As to the number in the group, when I asked exodus (maybe about 3-4 weeks ago) the group consisted of a couple in their late 50s a couple in their 60s another couple in their late 60s, a single male 70s, 2 single females, one 50s and one 60s and us - Geoff and Judy - couple in our 70s. I look forward to seeing you all at Heathrow.

Incidentally I hope neither of you have been badly affected by the recent floods in the south-west?

Thank you for the replies and for the advice! A dozen people seems like a good sized party doesn't it? I think we are not going to take the anti-malarials either this time.
I still can't quite believe we'll be there in less than a month, well away from the winds. We live a few miles from the coast, in Truro, so there is no problem with flooding...only collapsing fences and escaping hens!

Hi..just to say that we will take the anti- malaria tablets after all. Orcha seems to be in the high risk zone!


I keep changing my mind on this one, I think probably we will go for the cover up and spray every inch with Deet. We do also have some treated trousers and tops which I think I'll wear after dark. Hard to decide though is'nt it!

Not long now: two and a bit weeks.  If you want to meet up before hand in the departures of terminal 4 then I'll probably be in Costas,  I'll be on my own and I'll try and desport an Exodus luggage which has recently arrived. You will probably have already got yours by now.


Looking forward to it and will on the lookout for the very distinctive new Exodus labels at Heathrow. As a matter of interest, are you taking anti-malarials?

I shall be taking anti-malarials with me; have some left-overs from previous trips which I know one shouldn't do. I'll only use them if we get to a region where there may be a malarial problem. The problem that I have with Malerone is that I get bizzarre nightmares with it although they are almost instantly forgotten on waking. 


Yes I can see why you would not want to take them unless necessary!  We are supposed to be in a low risk area, though as Delyth says, Orcha could be a problem.  I hope we'll be OK.

This may well be of interest to you: when I was in South India about 12 months ago the pound/ rupee rate was about 78 to the pound. Now as the pound has strengthened it is round about 101/2 to the pound. Other currencies where I'm going on to later have improved exchanged rates also.


Sounds good to me!

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