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Mosquito nets

Thu, 09/22/2011 - 12:26

I'm booked to travel to Burma in January and mozzie nets are recommended. I usually travel light and don't like the idea of carting a net + interlocking frame. Can anyone advise on the practicalities of taking a basic net plus fixings such as cord, tape, etc, and how likely I am to be able to find something I can attach it to in a (presumably) basic bedroom? I don't want to wake up each morning cocooned like a silk worm ........

Advice would be gratefully received. I can usually work it out for myself, but mozzies, malaria and dengue combine to warrant a bit more forethought! Thanks.





Sat, 09/08/2012 - 23:05


How did it go? What did you need regarding mosquitos? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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