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cycling in Kerala departure 31st October 2009

Hi, hopefully havent missed an existing thread on this trip. I am going on the trip with my partner Jeff and we're both really looking forward to it. We have a friend who has done it before and said it is fantastic.  Just starting to try to get organised for it and wandering what vaccinations everyone is going for. Have had the recommended Hep A, diptheria, tetanus and polio but not sure whether to bother with malaria tabs, rabies or meningitis.  Also wandering whether it is worth taking one of those sterilised needle/syringe kits. Any thoughts?  Anyone bothering to take their own saddle? Have been told a handlebar bag is handy for quick access to cameras etc so am on the lookout for one - anyone got any recommendations for a good one?


Hi AMA and Jeff! I'm really looking forward to this trip. Personally I wasn't planning to take Malaria tabs but you've got me thinking so I will check with my GP. I'm not plannig to bring my own saddle - mainly as i'm not confident I could put it back on my own bike! Handlebar bag sounds a good idea, particularly if it doubles as something that's also easy to carry (e.g. shoulder bag or rucksack) as presumably it wont be secure if we leave the bikes unattended. Toria.


Hi Toria, I think we've decided not to bother with the Malaria tabs and other jabs. I asked a pharmacist about it and he said his wife had been in Kerala for the last couple of weeks and had barely seen a mossie!  Rabies jab apparently is only necessary if you are not within 24 hours of medical care and according to Exodus we always will be. Have splashed out on a handlebar bag but haven't road tested it yet so not sure how good it is but it does have a shoulder strap so can be carried around. Will try to use it before we go and see if it is worth taking. I've been trying to get in a weekly cycle ride before we go but haven't yet done the average daily distance so might end up a regular in the support vehicle! Alison

I did this trip a couple of years ago.  It's fab - I hope you enjoy it.

I thoroughly recommend taking a gel saddle cover - you just pop it over the saddle in place and I picked mine up in Tesco.....


It is worth its weight in gold!!



I have just returned from this trip.  Had an absolutely fantastic time!  I  would highly recommend a camelback as it's quite hot it's great not to have to keep stopping to get your water bottle out of it's rack.  No need for malaria or rabies.  I took my own saddle and with a  gel cover which I was most grateful for. I think most people did.  Most of our group had their cameras around their necks for easy access.  Please feel free to ask me any more questions!  

Could quite happily set off on this trip again next week! 



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