Cycle Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

We are booked on this trip, our second cycling trip with Exodus. Very much enjoyed the Indochina one a few years ago.

Anyone else on this trip visiting the compass cafe yet?

Jon and Carol 



Hi Jon and Carol

Really looking forward to the trip. It will be our third exodus cycling holiday, and we really enjoyed the other two. Not done much cycling yet this year so slightly worrying to see the reviews about how challenging it is.  I can barely walk in 35 degree temperature let alone exercise! I know a couple of people who have done it before and they both thought it was fantastic. As long as I spot some tree frogs I'll be happy.



We have managed to do some local cycling this year but it is hard to 'practice' for the heat and humidity! On our last trip it was humid but we had lots of breaks and cycling did generate some breeze so it was ok. I like wildlife photography so am looking forward to that side of it.

I noticed that the guides last time wore flip flops for cycling when it rained heavily, so I was planning on packing some this time to avoid sodden cycling shoes. 

Not long to go now..



When we went on the Southern India trip a couple of years ago one of our group wore flip flops the whole way, some 400 miles. I have seen local people do it too and use them against their rear wheel as a brake pad! I think it possibly takes some mastering.

Starting to get my stuff ready to pack today, there's no way everything I've laid out on my bed is going to fit in my rucksack, I'm going to have to try to be ruthless.  Was thinking of taking a saddle but its looking pretty unlikely that it will fit in.

 Trying to work out about the electricity supply, I think it says USA adaptors but also saw  something about transformers???? Any ideas? Will have to google it. Last time I looked weather was up to 37 degrees!!!!



Hi, the websites I've looked at suggest the US 2 pin is the one, so that was what I was planning to take.

My usual packing method is also to lay out everything that I want to take and then cut it down based on what I can actually fit in the bag/rucksack.

 Only one more day of work to go.



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