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Hi There

Anyone also going on this trip?


myself and a friend have booked to go and are really looking forward to it!!!

Would be good to chat to others going before we go :o)



Yes, just as a preventive step. Thought I should go as fully prepared as possible. What's annoying is I took a tablet a couple of weeks before I went to see if I'd get any side effects and nothing happened!

Had a great experience coming back down from the mountains though - the local Nepali Exodus staff were fantastic so I wasn't overly gutted, knowing that I would go back. Just need to wait for the insurance money now! 


Good to know that the staff were so great!

We really can't wait to go now! I am starting to get some kit together and trying to find out as much about the area and the trek as possible.

Well I've finally gone ahead and booked this trip now. Thought I'd better do it sooner rather than later seeing as it's started to fill up in the last week or so. Fortunately I don't need to spend a shedload on gear this time round!

I wonder if we'll have the same guide - Ugs - as on my previous trip? It'd be good to see him again although he might consider me a liability!

How's your preparation going?

Are there any others out there going on this trip?

Hi there,

I'm booked on this trip too.  Last visited Nepal 20 years ago (when I was VERY young!) and went to Annapurna so can't wait to go back. Haven't thought specifically about kit or training yet so probably need to start (I run lots so am pretty fit but probably need to get out on a few hills between now and then!).  Look forward to meeting/ hearing from you!





Good to hear from you both.

My preparation was going ok; have had most of my jabs and was keeping reasonably fit but am now suffering with a painful SI joint. I'm seeing a physio etc but it is causing me concern.....our trip is only 3 months away. Sadly it is walking that seems to aggrivate it the most. 

That aside, I'm really looking forward to it.

Are you both flying from LHR on the 25th?




I'm going from Heathrow (never seem to be able to get a local departure from the Midlands) so if anyone else is by themselves and fancies meeting up for a pre-flight orange juice (ahem!) in Departures then that would be cool.  Off up Snowdon on Saturday for a bit of practice (and to check out the new cafe!)....

Hmmm. The system doesn't seem to alert me to replies any more, hence the delay in replying.

Hope the SI joint problem is improving Rosie - that gives back pain doesn't it? Sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago whilst dancing at the Kent Beer Festival and it's still giving me a bit of grief!

I too will be flying from LHR. A pre-flight orange juice sounds good Caroline. Should help the long flight to Delhi pass quicker! 


Well a pre-flight orange juice :o)  sounds good to me. Will have to arrange it closer to the time. What am I's just weeks away!!!

 Thankfully my SI joint seems to be much better. I too walked up Snowdon the other day as a training exercise and it was lovely.  There were sooo many people there though and the cafe was packed.

Kit wise I think I have most things now. Just got a few odds and sods to pick up, things like ear plugs for instance (which I must write down otherwise I will forget them for sure!). I just sent off for my visa so hopefully that will be sorted within the week.

 I can't quite believe we go so soon!!!

Good point about earplugs - always think about that at the last minute so will start a list. 

It made me wonder what else is in your 'essential kit' bag?  I know we're limited weight-wise but (especially if you've done this recently) I'd be keen to know what the rest of you think I should add to my list! If I find I'm the only one without an anti-AMS travel pillow I shall only be grumpy.... (I made that up by the way) ((the pillow, not the potential grumpiness))

Anyway - I am counting down the days to this trip and looking forward to meeting everyone!



Phew, I'm glad you said you made that up; for a second there I was panicking about whatever an anti-AMS pillow might be. D'oh!

I haven't done anything like this before but my friend that is coming with me has done Kilimanjaro with exodus so she is giving me a few tips.  Such as we're not taking trainers to wear in the evening but instead are taking sandals (Merrell or Source type sandals) and fluffy socks. I know, socks and sandals, a great look huh :o)....however, apparently its often nicer to have more breathable shoes on whenever you are out of your boots. Sounds sensible.

 Also, we are using dry bags inside the Exodus kit bags as they are not waterproof. I've bougt some various sized ones from Cotswold, the type that roll over at the top.

Whatelse...uh, wet wipes, a Buff (to cover manky hair if we can't wash it!), flavoured tablets to disguise the taste of iodine/purification tablets, sleeping bag liner, ear plugs, a book to read (we could swap during the holiday if we finish ours)......can't think of anything else. Some of these things may be obvious but they didn't all occur to me straight away.

 If you have any tips it'd be good to hear them.



One thing I should mention when I previously did this trip I was a bit obsessive about bag weight. I think the limit is given as 15kg (although somewhere else I think it says 12kg) and my bag was slightly above 15kg so I was a bit worried I might have to chuck something out for the internal flight. Anyway, the bags aren't weighed individually - they're all put on a huge set of scales at the same time - so I'd say if your bag is 'around 15kg' then you're probably ok.

Well I rarely bother doing anything until the day before but I am sooo looking forward to this trip that I have organised parking at Heathrow and started a pile of 'things I must not forget' in the spare room... I did buy some chocolate thinking it would be a nice surprise to find it at the bottom of my bag on about day 8 but I've just accidentally eaten it........ (on reflection I could have predicted that when I bought it 3 weeks before departure....)

I think my tickets and/or bag probably arrived today but they are back at the Post Office as I was out! Might use that as an excuse to pop into town tomorrow for earplugs and purification tabs etc as I have no spare time at the mo - got a half marathon to get through this weekend and an exam the Weds before we go that requires a bit more studying and a bit less googling 'Kathmandu weather' if I am to do myself any justice at all....

 See you all soon....


Mmmmm - not tickets. Passport with visa.

Anyone know when we get the tickets and will they be sent via ever more unreliable Royal Mail?

15 more sleeps....




We don't get sent tickets - it's all eticketing. We should get an email within the next week or so confirming the flight details and where/when to check in. I think it's going to be Terminal 5 as they're refurbishing T3 at the moment.

Haven't received my bag yet! 

Just received email with final joining instructions. We leave from T4.

Just need to get some more water purification tablets and I'm done.

Still no bag yet!

How's the organising going with everyone else?

I got my ticket too! (still no bag though I have one from a previous trip).

Organisation is all on hold until my exam is finished next Wednesday but I think I have most of what I need.  I soooooooooo need a holiday!. I did have a look for water purification tablets last week but no luck yet - probably need to go into town.

Kathmandu 22-23 degrees!

See you all soon


I too have an old Exodus bag so not too worried.

I've also got an exam - but a few days after we get back. Trying to pack in all the revision before we go!

Hope the half marathon went well. You've clearly survived it! 

Nice shiny new black bag is here.  Supposed to be working and then studying (glad my exam will be out of the way!) but have been putting things in piles next to my bag instead...

I DID survive the half marathon though it wasn't pretty - hoping a bit of altitude training will get me in better shape!

I don't know T4 at all so if anyone has any suggestions for our pre-departure beverage meet-up then I am happy to follow instructions...!

See you all soon


Gosh - how many posts do you have to do to get a star?!

NOW I've got a star for being so prolific...

....go me!

You don't truly feel a sense of belonging until you've received at least one gold star!

My kit bag turned up yesterday so just the packing to do now.


 don't have a star.... :(

I do have my kit bag and my e-tickets though, so I'm good to go.

I've not started packing yet but I expect to pack and re-pack at least 5 times before we leave on Sunday. The kit bag doesn't look that big to me, and it has to fit a sleeping bag n also?? Maybe it won't be as bad once I get things in it. getting very excited now.

Myself and Celia will be aiming to get to T4 for sometime sround 16:30 (she tells me that is an appropriate tme, I haven't checked!). Got any ideas about where to meet? I haven't departed from LHR for ages so don't really know where to suggest.



Oh, well done on the half marathon, by the way. Both Cela and run and  am told that ths trp should do us the world of good.  I hope so!

We have a half to do on the Sunday after we get back....eek!

No exams for me though, thankfully.

See you soon.


I'll probably get there about 4.30 too in which case the easiest thing might be to look out for a huge (I think it's huge!) black Exodus bag with a back up of somewhere airside (with appropriate means of identification!) later on? In real life I'd happily give you my mobile number but I don't want to post it on here - have Exodus found a way of making that possible do you know?  Or is there another way?

I'm done with half marathons this year - seem to be getting slower and finding more of each one harder as the balance of training and studying and work has got out of whack.  I've booked myself in for a (hopefully) speedy 10k the week after we get back to get the benefit of all that high altitude work. 

Back to my books... I have a nightmare week at work plus my exam.  I shall be the person skipping around the terminal with a big grin on my face on Sunday!


4.30?? Blimey, that's early. You might not be able to check in that early. I'll probably get there around 5.30. There's a good chance we'll bump into each other in the check-in queue, but if not there's a bar "The Bridge Bar and Eating House" in T4 after security so could meet there if you fancy. Obviously we won't have our Exodus bags after security - I'll be carrying a red North Face day sack and will be wearing a sad-if-not-doing-an-outdoor-activity grey-ish cargo vest. And my walking boots of course!

Mm - I have now looked at the paperwork and agree with you! - 5.30 sounds far more sensible!  I got my times mixed up. That will give me an extra hour for my pre-departure family roast!  Yumm!

I think I shall have a blue/black top (or maybe turquoise though - decisions decisions...), standard trekking style trousers and boots and an Animal jacket (brand not material!) with a hood and furry inside - can't be too many of those around can there?. I can't remember what make my day sack is (it's blue and silver!).

Anyway - hope to catch you in the Bridge Bar and Eating house then sometime after 6.30 (as long as you ostentatiously place your daysack on the table and not on the floor!)


Righto, Celia and I will be arriving (seperately) at 5-ish.

I will have a burgundy and grey Berghaus day sac and Celia has a blue and grey Deuter one.

Incidentally, Exodus bods told me to take my stuff to Kathmandu in a (very big) suit case and to pack my kit bag there. That way you can leave you spare stuff locked in your suitcase at the hotel for when you return. Plus point is that you don't have to rely on the Exodus bag to carry all your kit on the flight.

Will be back on here before SUnday to confirm where to meet etc. Can't wait :o)



PS: You are right - the Exodus bag is huge. Hurrah!


Hi Rosie,

im going to base camp aswell, be good to meet up in the airport and get to know everybody.


Hi Chris,

Hope to see you at the airport. 


Hi stair,

great, be good to say hello.  Are you going to be in a lounge bar?

I don't think I have anything in my pre-packing pile that I wouldn't want on the trek (except a nice clean set of clothes to come back to of course.....). May need to re-think something to add.

I shall make a list of peoples' rucksack descriptions and leave it late enough that you should all have a pile on the table for me to spot you.

See you all soon


From what I've gathered from the Heathrow website there's only one bar in T4 after security - Bridge Bar and Eating House. Don't know what it's like though, or how busy it might be, but seems a good place to meet up.


I don't think my case that I leave at the hotel will contain that much either. Probably just clean clothes, some nice shampoo and shower gel for a treat when we get back :o) and maybe the charger for my camera batteries.

 See you all in the bar/restaurant after check in.

Rosie (am very excited now!!!!)

". . . some nice shampoo and shower gel for a treat when we get back. . ."

Depends whether you consider the brown water that comes out of the showers a "treat". And make sure you don't get any in your mouth!


Ha ha, good point. I guess everything is relative and compared to not showering at all for 15 days the brown water may be better.....or maybe not :o)!!

I now have a stinking cold and am taking anti biotics from the doc. Not a great start :o(

You'll easily recognise me at LHR though; I'll be the one with the bright pink nose!

Only one day left of work though.....can't wait to go now :)

See you there,


The bag is huge but 12kg isn't - especially when the temp is 27 in Kathmandu and freezing at Base Camp! I'm working on the 'layers' theory but I'm already up to 13kg before the shower bag goes in and I really don't think I have enough clothes.....!.......

I hope the message above that said 15kg would be ok is correct 'cos I definitely can't go without my bio-degradable shower gel!(especially if I don't have enough clothes!)

See you all tomorrow ....

Mine's come out a shade over 12kg which seems odd as I'm sure I've got one or two more things than last time and then it was 15kg. Or maybe I've forgotten something very important and heavy. . .


DOn't forget that a lot of things will be carried in your day sacks..first aid kit, water bottle, spare set of clothes etc....that should get the weight of your kit bag down.

Well, thats the theory I am working on.

Is it the Wetherspoons pub that we are meeting at?


27 in Kathmandu though...hmm, might have to rethink something to wear there...


Me again :o)....... 

Just checked the internet and The Bridge Bar and eating house is at terminal 1. Isn't it?

There is a Wetherspoons pub at Terminal 4, shall we go for that one instead????

Yes, I'm taking most of those items in my day sack to keep the weight down.

I don't think the Bridge Bar and Eating House is a Wetherspoons - it appears to be the only bar in T4. 

Aah, you're looking at before security where there is a Wetherspoons. OK, sounds good. Would prefer a Wetherspoons anyway.

Confused now.... is there a Wetherspoons after security?

To be honest I shall look out for Exodus bags at check-in and then just trawl the bars looking for piles of rucksacks...

Got to go and eat through the contents of my fridge now as I can't bear throwing food away....

There is a Wetherspoons before security and a Bridge Bar and Eating House after security (according to the Heathrow website) in Terminal 4. So could meet up in Wetherspoons after checking in, then go through security and if still thirsty could attempt the Bridge Bar.


My fault.....sorry for confusing things (sheesh, you'd never guessed that I work for an IT company, would you!)

I just looked at the web site again and Stair is right. I'll go for the Bridge Bar after security; always good toe get security out of the way.

see you there.


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