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Bengal tiger with catchlight in water hole - Nick Dale

The Safari Collection

The Safari Collection

Our Safari Collection is designed for purists. You’ll spend more time in National Parks and dedicated wildlife areas (such as African conservancies or on board expedition ships), where the sole focus of your trip will be maximising your time spent wildlife viewing. You’ll have more included game drives, specialist guides and rangers who are experts in their fields, whether that’s conservation or photography. These extra inclusions come at an extra cost; for a more varied overall holiday, we recommend our Safari holidays page.

"I personally voucher for these holidays because I and many of my colleagues have been on them. We feel they are the best you can buy and the remarkable loyalty and enthusiasm this brochure elicits suggests that you think so too. 

Whether your kicks come through a lens, binocular or on foot there's a holiday here for you. They are not cheap but offer experiences and memories that are both priceless and addictive. Sometimes they may feel like a marathon more than sprint but, like a marathon the only person you are trying to equal or beat is you - personal wildlife one-upmanship is an ailment for which, thankfully there is no cure.

I, like the many other guides and wildlife junkies inside have spent much of the last thirty years with eyes fused to binoculars, realising that we are only as good as our last game drive. When this stops driving us it is time to hang up the precision optics and view from the arm chair. Pedigree is everything with proper safaris, but even with the rich faunal bloodlines in this collection we should understand that the perfect wildlife moment or indeed photograph will always elude us, as it should, but, in these safaris it will come close, very close. 

Game On!"

Paul Goldstein, award-winning photographer and guide



Our Guiding Lights

Your Wildlife experience is often completely reliant on your guides. Ours combine the characteristics of knowledge, enthusiasm and passion. Sometimes their skills are a little short of sorcery. Working with wildlife is often challenging; they make it look easy. Here are a few of them who look forward to guiding you in the future. they are our guiding lights.


Valerie Parkinson - India

What we say: "Valerie is one of our own, over thirty years of remarkable guiding, often in physically challenging areas. She is an Exodus legend, the snow leopards are lucky to have this rare breed!"

What she says: "Nothing can beat tracking animals on foot in the high-altitude desert of Ladakh in winter and searching for one of the world's most elusive animals is perhaps one of the best things I have ever done with clients."


Hans Liechti - Namibia

What we say: "Hans has been guiding for twenty years, he is also very well-travelled around Africa. His past is facinating. He is a true son of the wilderness and is never happier than sharing his love with clients. A camp fire, a good plate of food, the distant call of lions or keening of jackals and a night sky unlike anywhere on the planet: that is what Hans is about."

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