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Switzerland Tours

Switzerland Holidays

Calling all landscape lovers: Switzerland is picturesque valleys, jagged mountains and jewel-like lakes

Activities in Switzerland

Our Top Destinations in Switzerland

Switzerland Trips

Tour du Mont Blanc Hotel Trek

15 Days from £ 3399
£ 3059

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Walk the classic circuit through France, Switzerland and Italy

Walking & Trekking

Tour du Mont Blanc Week

8 Days from £ 1999
£ 1799

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

A fast and light way to complete the Mont Blanc Circuit.

Walking & Trekking

Tour du Mont Blanc Camping Trek

15 Days from £ 2199

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Walk the iconic alpine trail through France, Switzerland and Italy

Walking & Trekking

Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn

15 Days from £ 2999
£ 2699

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Trek the classic 'Haute Route' from France to Switzerland

Walking & Trekking

Walking the Bernese Highlights East

8 Days from £ 1899

Self-Guided Holidays (Excl. Flights)

Cross alpine meadows and skirt crystal clear lakes set high amongst the mountains.

Walking & Trekking

Walking the Bernese Highlights West

8 Days from £ 1879

Self-Guided Holidays (Excl. Flights)

Cross Switzerland’s high mountain passes, from Mürren to Gstaad through lush, alpine valleys nestled between traditional Swiss villages.

Walking & Trekking

Classic Swiss Alps Walk

8 Days from £ 1399

Self-Guided Holidays (Excl. Flights)

A walker's paradise, 1000's of kms of well-marked trails, stunning Alpine flowers, rare birds of prey in the Swiss Alps

Walking & Trekking

Cross-country Skiing in Kandersteg

8 Days from £ 1289

Self-Guided Holidays (Excl. Flights)

Cross-country skiing from a picture-postcard Swiss village


Walking and E-biking in the Swiss Alps

8 Days from £ 1489

Self-Guided Holidays (Excl. Flights)

Centre based, multi-activity trip with walking and e-biking in the Bernese Oberland

Walking & Trekking

FAQs on Switzerland Tours

When is the best time to visit Switzerland?

The best time to visit Switzerland largely depends on your preferences and activities. If you want to explore the winter landscapes on cross-country skis, December to March is ideal. Spring and Autumn (April to May and September to October) offer pleasant weather for walking and there are also fewer crowds during these months. Summer (June to August) is also perfect for hiking and exploring the Swiss Alps and the alpine meadows are strewn in colourful wildflowers.

Where are the best places to visit in Switzerland?

Switzerland offers a wealth of stunning destinations that cater to nature, history and culture lovers. The Swiss Alps, with their majestic peaks, are perfect for snowshoeing and hiking and cycling, with the Tour du Mont providing wonderful trails framed by rugged peaks. Geneva and Lucerne showcase the vibrant Swiss culture, while pretty alpine villages give you a taste of the country’s traditions and heritage. Kandersteg lies at the heart of Bernese Oberland and is surrounded by endless country trails, which provide the perfect base for walking, cycling and cross-country skiing trips.

How long do I need for Switzerland trips?

The duration of your trip entirely depends on the places you wish to visit and the activities you want to engage in. Ideally, a week would be sufficient to explore the major attractions. However, if you want to delve deeper into the Swiss culture and experience more off-the-beaten-track locations, a two-week itinerary would be recommended. If you are considering hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc, you’ll need 15 days to allow for completing this classic circuit at a moderate pace.

Are there any visa requirements for traveling to Switzerland?

If you’re travelling from the UK, EU or US, you shouldn’t require a visa when visiting Switzerland. However, it’s not uncommon for visa requirements to change, so we advise that you check with your country’s embassy or consulate before travelling. You will also need to check the visa requirements for any other countries that you might be travelling through during your holiday. We’ve provided a list of some government websites below that will give you any further information.

• Australia: www.smartraveller.gov.au/destinations/europe/switzerland
• Canada: www.travel.gc.ca/destinations/switzerland
• United Kingdom: www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/switzerland/entry-requirements
• USA:  www.travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/Switzerland.html

Where is the best place for Cycling in Switzerland?

One of the best places for cycling in Switzerland is the Bernese Oberland. Miles upon mile of scenic routes stretches steer you along breathtaking high trails of open plateaux. Based in Kandersteg, you’ll explore idyllic Swiss villages and pine forests. Another excellent area for cycling is Lake Constance, spanning around 270km, it takes you on a scenic journey through flower-filled meadows, wheat fields, vineyards and along vibrant marinas. With its diverse landscapes and well-marked routes, Switzerland provides an ideal environment for cyclists to explore and enjoy the beauty of this magnificent country.

Is the Tour du Mont Blanc difficult?

The Tour du Mont Blanc is renowned as one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world, encompassing stunning landscapes and passing through three countries – France, Italy, and Switzerland. However, when it comes to the difficulty level, it can vary based on individual fitness and experience. Generally, the tour can be physically demanding, involving steep ascents, long distances, and varied terrain. Adequate preparation, including physical fitness and proper hiking gear, is crucial as the days are long and often include ascents of up to 4,000ft. That being said, with adequate fitness, the Tour du Mont Blanc is achievable for most hikers.

Where is best for cross-country skiing in Switzerland?

Nestled at the foot of the Swiss Alps in Bernese Oberland, Kandersteg is a beautiful village and makes the ideal base for cross-country skiing in Switzerland. You’ll find an extensive network of well-maintained trails that wind among snow-covered peaks and lush forests where you can glide through snowy terrain, surrounded by tranquil scenery. In the evenings, you’ll also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Swiss culture. After an exhilarating day on the trails, cosy up in the traditional mountain lodges with a hot chocolate and traditional Swiss cuisine.

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