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Summer Family Holidays


Summer Family Holidays in Asia

Summer Family Holidays in Europe

Summer Family Holidays in Africa

Summer Family Holidays in the Middle East

Summer Family Holidays in the Americas

Top 5 Destinations for Family Holidays

Asia: From the backwaters of Sri Lanka to the exotic beaches of Thailand, Asia is a vast and wonderfully diverse continent. Across each of its countries you’ll find new and exciting landscapes and culture. Our Chopsticks and Coconuts Family Holiday takes you on an epic journey through the Cu Chi war tunnels, on a boat ride around the stunning Halong Bay and snorkelling off a tropical island. If you prefer to venture into the wild landscapes of Sri Lanka, you’ll witness the mighty elephant in its natural habitat and enjoy a game drive through Yala National Park.

Europe: As well as boasting some of the most picturesque scenery in the world, Europe is also home to intriguing countries where you’ll find incredible natural wonders and diverse cultures. And, of course, it’s also much closer to home and the shorter travelling hours make it ideal for summer adventure holidays with the kids.  You might want to visit the UNESCO-listed city of Pompei and its ancient ruins, or try your hand at pizza making in Amalfi, but wherever you choose to go, our trips are packed with fun things to do with the family. Turkey’s Lycian coast is another favourite for family holidays, with activities such as canyoning, sea kayaking and paragliding on offer.

Americas: Playing host to some of the most impressive wildlife across the globe, the Americas is the perfect destination for animal lovers. Trek along Peru’s famous Inca Trail and explore the Amazon Rainforest on jungle tours and boat rides. There’s nothing more exciting than walking through the natural habitat of monkeys, parrots, giant otters and river dolphins. In Central America, Costa Rica is another popular destination for a family holiday where you’ll see animals such as dolphins, sloths and toucans in the wild.

Middle East: The Middle Eastern countries are a heady mix of ancient culture and history which have shaped the modern world. If you want to delve into the past and witness spectacular sites as well as enjoying unique experiences on your family holiday, then Jordan is an incredible place to visit. Venture into the lunar-like Wadi Rum desert for an adventure of a lifetime where you’ll stay in an authentic Bedouin camp beneath the stars and experience the unusual sensation of floating in the Dead Sea. Egypt is equally as captivating with its world-famous pyramids, vibrant bazaars and the Valley of the Kings.

Africa: Laying claim to the magnificent Big 5 and the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, known as the ‘Roof of Africa’, this sprawling continent is filled with incredible wildlife and natural wonders. As you climb to the tallest sand dunes in the world and watch the sun rise above the Namib desert, you can appreciate the pure beauty and vastness surrounding you. Our summer adventure holidays to Africa also introduce you to the wildlife that roams Etosha National Park and the desert elephants in the Ugab River.

Please note: The holidays listed here offer several departure date options during the summer break to help you decide where and when to take your family. Have fun!

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