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Step back in time in rural Romania, where the horse and cart still leads the way and bears roam the hills

Romania Tours

Fairytale castles; vast tracts of wooded wilderness patrolled by brown bears; delightful meadows strewn with pastel-coloured flowers and chocolate-box houses; soaring mountains cloaked in countless pine trees… it doesn’t quite sound real, does it? But Romania holidays are enchanting. In possession of breathtaking beauty, the country offers both culture and environment that's relatively untouched by tourism.

The Transylvanian Alps provide a haven for wildlife – bears, wolves and even lynx – and there are great walking and cycling, passing by ancient villages little changed in 100 years. They’re home to some of Europe’s most hardy, yet remarkably welcoming people. Perhaps the area's most famous inhabitant – standing high and proud amid the undulating forested hills – is Bran Castle, home of legendary Count Dracula and birthplace of the myth of the undead. Its grandiose structure dominates the Romanian landscape.

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Romania Tours

Carpathian Walking & Bears

94 reviews

Explore Romania's majestic mountains and rustic villages looking for Brown bears

Activity level:
Leisurely / Moderate
Ages: 16+
8 Days from $2,449
Guided (Excl. Flights)
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Cycle Romania

33 reviews

Cycle through the ancient villages and sweeping landscapes of Romania

Activity level:
Ages: 16+
9 Days from $2,779
Guided (Excl. Flights)
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Highlights of Romania

1 review

Journey through Romania, starting in the North and heading South.

Activity level:
Ages: 16+
10 Days from $3,279
Guided (Excl. Flights)
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Expert opinion: Highlights of Romania trips

1. Walking and trekking: “In the Carpathian Mountains we set off each day without knowing what the day would bring, or who or what we might bump into: a flock of 900 sheep being herded along the edge of a rocky cliff-side; five endearing puppies running around a farmer’s yard; a couple of children taking a nap under a tree with their herd of cows; and a giant bear paw-print freshly made in the mud…”

2. Wildlife: “Romania is home to around 6000 wild brown bears and as well as spotting their footprints we visited a bear hide, which enabled us to watch wild bears in safety. An eight-month-old cub came running alongside its mother, trying to suckle and play with her before giving up and behaving.”

3. The people: “From the smiley shepherds who happily and willingly pose for photos and show off their sheep, to laid-back villagers who are only too pleased to give you a sample of some of their homemade cheese, the people of Romania are extremely friendly.”

4. The legends:Bran Castle is an imposing fortress on the border of Wallachia and Transylvania. Bram Stoker, author of ‘Dracula’, was inspired by Vlad the Impaler who lived nearby, and felt that this striking castle would be a good setting for his tale.”

Exodus Expert Alice Bzowska reflects on her holiday to Romania. Read more insights from our experts here.

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