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Find Your Headspace with These 5 Rejuvenating Escapes

Don’t get us wrong, zoom yoga sessions and thigh-busting pilates classes have definitely helped to relieve some of our stresses, but nothing really compares to finding your zen in a place far, far away. We’re talking about soaking in mineral-rich pools near your Costa Rican rainforest retreat, getting blessed by a Buddhist priest in Bali, and embracing that warrior I pose while watching the sunrise over the Taj Mahal in India. If there was ever a perfect collection of places to find your headspace – this. Is. It. To help you get there, we’ve listed 5 escapes that are bound to leave you feeling rejuvenated, serene, and completely de-stressed.


Receive a Balinese blessing from a Buddhist Priest

Now you may not get Ketut Liyer, the adorable, toothless, medicine man from Eat, Pray, Love, but the experience you’ll have on our Sunrises and Summits in Bali comes pretty damn close. After a morning spent cycling (Julia Roberts-style) through glistening rice terraces in Jatiuwih, you’ll adorn traditional Balinese attire and attend a blessing ceremony performed in a sacred temple.

Balinese Blessing

The ceremony itself involves the pouring of holy water that will help to purify the body and soul, welcoming good spirits while the priest chants mantras in Sanskrit. No matter what your beliefs are, we’re sure you’ll be moved by this ancient practice that remains deeply rooted in Balinese culture. Let’s face it, after these past two years, we’re all in need of a little spiritual awakening.


Bathe in Costa Rica’s mineral-rich pools

It’s about time that you swap out your weekday evening ritual of pouring herbal bath oils, body elixirs, and bath bombs into your tub for a cheeky retreat experience in Costa Rica. Now, your at-home-concoction may claim to hydrate your skin and invigorate your senses, but trust us that doesn’t even compare to taking your first refreshing dip in the natural thermal pools on our Rainforests & Restful Retreats in Costa Rica.

Rincon Hot Springs

In north-west Costa Rica, the Rincon de la Vieja National Park is known for its multihued fumaroles, hot springs and comically flatulent mud pots, and as luck would have it, our trip has organised a stay at the Hacienda Guachipelin Hotel, which is situated next to ten volcanic hot springs that are naturally heated by the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. And it’s not just hot water, these luxurious steaming pools are rich in minerals like calcium, sulphur, silica, iron and magnesium which are designed to help detoxify and relax the body. This ‘natural elixir’ is also reported to help relieve skin conditions, lower blood pressure and even ease chronic digestive diseases. So, if soaking in these serene, steamy pools and applying healing mud masks isn’t screaming “RELAXATION” to you then we don’t know what will.


Greet the sunrise at the Taj Mahal with your best warrior I pose

Now we know that yoga is all about balancing your senses, body, soul and mind, but let’s be honest, it helps when you have something utterly majestic to look at when you’re pulling these poses, and what’s more majestic than the Taj Mahal? On our Bazaars & Backwaters of India trip, you’ll embrace the day with an early start and see the Taj change colour before your eyes, from a milky white in the early hours to pink when the sun rises, all before you utter the word ‘namaste’.

Yoga at the Taj Mahal

And if that wasn’t enough to help you find your headspace, you’ll get to immerse your senses by wandering through the spice-scented valleys of Periyar National Park, unwind by making use of the Cardamom County hotels’ spa and wellness facilities and reconnect with nature as you explore Kerala’s backwaters on a houseboat in Alleppey. You’ll also get the opportunity to reflect on your adventure at our final stop: Cherai Beach, by taking a deep breath and dipping your toes into the warm Arabian Sea.


Turn your phone on flight mode in Portugal

Our aptly named Digital detox in Portugal, allows you to do exactly that – disconnect from your digital life. So, to get the full experience, we’d recommend leaving that work laptop at home, ditching your iPad and kindle for a book (remember those?) and switching your phone on “flight mode”. Having a digital detox not only allows you to be in the moment but it’s scientifically proven to improve your well-being, help you de-stress and get that comfortable 8 hours of undisrupted sleep you’ve been craving since 2019. But if you want to get some epic surfing pics for the gram to post at a later date – we won’t hold that against you.

Surfing in Portugal

If finding your headspace means less unwinding and more action – then this adrenaline-pumping trip is for you. On this 5-day adventure, you’ll paddleboard, wakeboard, kitesurf and then take on an incredible 70km bike ride that showcases some of Portugal’s best landscapes. The word epic doesn’t even cover it.


Practise mindful eating in Sicily

“Mindful eating” doesn’t mean restricting foods from your diet, but instead it’s about being present in the moment while you’re eating, while also encouraging a deeper appreciation of every meal, every mouthful, and every tasty ingredient – and where better to start than the gastronomic hub of Sicily? On our Street Food & Sunshine in Sicily trip, you’ll try scrumptious rascatura croquettes on a food tour in Palermo’s port of La Cala, devour their legendary gelateria at Piazza Fonderia, savour Sicily’s best cannoli pastries in Taormina and enjoy an al fresco aperitivo while admiring panoramic views of Mount Etna in Catania. Gone are the days where your favourite meal came in a plastic takeaway box, there’s no going back once you’ve tasted these local Sicilian dishes – trust us.

Cannoli Dessert

If these rejuvenating escapes have you itching to plan your next trip, grab some inspiration by browsing our Edits adventures here.

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