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Adventure Holidays in Egypt

Egypt remains one of the world’s most fascinating and iconic travel destinations. Throughout history, Egypt's cultural wonders have attracted many famous travellers, archaeologists and treasure hunters, from the famous sites of ancient Thebes and Aswan to the mighty architectural feats of Cairo. A holiday to Egypt is shaped by its glorious past; you will obviously learn all about the Pharaohs and marvel at the Great Pyramids, but with Exodus you could also be cruising along the Nile in one of our spectacular five-star cruise boats, exploring the less visited temples of Upper Egypt or sailing a traditional felucca. All of our Egypt holidays are led or accompanied by a qualified Egyptologist. These experts are the key to bringing the ancient world back to life. 


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Egypt Adventure Holidays

In focus: the Nile

Feluccas are single-masted wooden boats that have been sailing the Nile since ancient times. Cleopatra and Julius Ceasar spent nine months exploring Egypt this way, accompanied by a 400-strong flotilla. A felucca trip between Aswan and Luxor gives you the chance to witness the landscape of the Nile Valley, and the lavish tombs of the Valley of the Kings. At night you'll sleep on deck, which is strewn with colourful rugs. From here watch the golden late-afternoon sun dissolve into a spectacular sunset.

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We offer more than 500 holidays across 100 countries on all seven continents. And although we’ve grown in the last 40 years, our philosophy stays the same: to bring like-minded people together on authentic adventures, with minimal impact to the environments and cultures we visit. We only work with reputable partners, with whom we’ve built longstanding relationships, and work on various community and environmental projects around the world. Read more about our Responsible Travel initiatives here.

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