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Inca Trail Machu Pichu Peru

Inca Trail Tours

Inca Trail Tours & Holidays

The Inca Trail

Inca Trail
8 Days from £ 1,849

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Follow in the footsteps of the Peruvian Incas

Walking & Trekking

Essential Inca Trail

Inca Trail
7 Days from £ 1,345

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Follow in the footsteps of the Peruvian Incas

Walking & Trekking

Inca Trail, Titicaca & Nazca

Lake Titicaca
15 Days from £ 2,999
£ 2,849

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Peru's deserts and high Andes and follow a classic trekking route

Walking & Trekking

Inca Trail & the Amazon Rainforest

15 Days from £ 3,999

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Trekking, jungle and indigenous culture – the best Peru has to offer

Walking & Trekking

The Salkantay Trek

14 Days from £ 2,699

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Peru's Cordillera Vilcabamba, join the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Walking & Trekking

The Inca Trail in Comfort

Machu Picchu
8 Days from £ 2,599

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Follow in the footsteps of the Peruvian Incas in extra comfort

Walking & Trekking

Inca & Amazon Adventure Family Holiday

Girl swinging in the trees, Amazon, Peru
14 Days from £ 3,349

Peru's classic Inca Trail trek with the tropical Amazon Rainforest


The Salkantay Trek gives you both remoteness, superb mountain and glacier views along with the Inca Trail and the reward of the inspirational Machu Picchu at the end. It’s definitely worth the extra days of walking and camping. We didn’t see any other groups for the first three days! There was high level of support provided by the leader, chef and porters. The food on the trek was exceptional – nutritionally balanced, plentiful and varied. The days in Cusco before the trek provided good acclimatisation as well as familiarising ourselves with Inca history. The Machu Picchu Museum was well worth a visit in advance of the trek.

Clair Baynton The Salkantay Trek

Where to begin? Lima is an incredible city. Paracas was beautiful. Nazca was mesmerizing. Titicaca was… Mediterranean and the Inca Trail itself was just such a moving experience. Standing at the Sun Gate watching others arrive and become completely overwhelmed with emotion made it really hit home just how lucky were to be there. You simply have to go.

James Warren Inca Trail, Titicaca & Nazca

I have wanted to do The Inca Trail for about 20 years. I finally took the jump and couldn’t have been happier with my experience. Not only was it a great person accomplishment but it was made to be a very comfortable and fulfill trip by everyone involved before at home and in Peru. Firstly I had a delayed flight between Bogota and Lima, this resulted in me missing the final leg of my journey. I made contact via email while sat on a plane and the staff at home were exceptional, had me on a new flight instantly and rearranged my transfer to the hotel. The city of Cuzco, the country of Peru, I loved it all. The porters on the trek were amazing. The chef was a genius. The camp sites exceptional. The group leader, Julio, full of knowledge. Exodus and everyone associated with my trip have my eternal gratitude

Anthony Rae The Inca Trail


Why choose Exodus for Inca Trail tours?

Inca Trail permits – early booking essential!

There is a daily cap on the number of trekking permits available for Inca Trail trips, and they sell out very quickly, especially for peak season treks. For this reason, we recommend booking your trek at least six to eight months in advance, particularly for the peak trekking months of May to September. Better still, book before the permits come on sale and we will try to purchase your trek permit as soon as they are released. If permits do sell out, we do also offer an alternative yet equally spectacular route – The Moonstone Trek – which does not require permits and can be substituted for the Inca Trail on most tours.

Highlights of Inca Trail holidays

Dead Woman’s Pass
The ascent to Dead Woman’s Pass, the first pass on the Inca Trail, is notoriously the toughest and most demanding part of the whole trail. Trekking to 4200m is slow going, relentless and requires every ounce of your stamina, especially if you’re still acclimatising to the altitude. Once you reach the top, usually on the second day, expect to be exhausted to the depths of your soul but totally uplifted by views of snow-capped mountains, endorphins and a powerful sense of accomplishment.

It’s impossible not to feel enormous respect for the Inca workers who carved the stairways into the mountainside and laid over 22,000km of these Inca roads stone by stone. You’ll also be in awe of your fighting-fit porters, the rightful descendants of Inca Chaqui messengers, who bound past you on the trail carrying bags, food and camping equipment without seeming to break a sweat.

After a tiring trek over the second pass and descent through exotic cloud forests you’ll notice the ancient Inca forts, store houses, tunnels and settlements begin to increase, a hint that you’re nearing the end of the Inca Trail tour.

Phuyupatamarca, the ‘town above the clouds’, is a real landmark on the Inca Trail. Complete with a fresh running water system devised by the Incas and beautiful ceremonial baths, it marks a welcome stop before one last test of endurance: the tough bone-shaking descent down 2600 worn Inca steps to Wayna Picchu.

Wiñay Wayna
Almost as beautiful as Machu Picchu itself, Wayna Picchu – ‘forever young’ or ‘to plant the Earth young’ – is set amid verdant green Inca terraces made up of spring-fed stone baths and a waterfall tumbling from the peaks above. Stop here to offer thanks to the Inca Earth Goddess Pachamama for getting you this far, because nearby is the campsite you’ll call home before your final trek along the Inca Trail to Intipunku and your first, unforgettable sight of Machu Picchu.

Intipunku and Machu Picchu
Most groups strike out for the entry point of the legendary Sun Gate of Intipunku in the dark in order to catch their first glimpse of Machu Picchu gloriously lit by the rising sun – a fitting end to your walk along the Inca Trail.

No matter how fatigued you are, no matter how badly your muscles ache, the moment you see the majestic sacred citadel of Machu Picchu laid out before you, birds singing in your ears and blood pumping through your veins, it makes every step of the Inca Trail worthwhile.

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