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Athens Holidays

Holidays to Athens

Top Five Things to Do on Athens Holidays

Visit The Acropolis: Known as the ‘Sacred Rock’, The Acropolis is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world and in Greek history. This is a must-see destination on any holiday to Athens as it takes you on a journey back in time to the 5th century BC. At the heart of the Acropolis stands the Parthenon, which was once a Greek temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. Looming over the city of Athens, the Acropolis is an iconic landmark and an architectural wonder that played a significant role in Greek history.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus: Built circa 520 BC, the Temple of Olympian Zeus is one of the biggest Doric temples in Greece and the most important building in Olympia. This magnificent structure was erected in honour of the Greek god, Zeus, and is twice as big as the Parthenon. Originally, it comprised 104 marble columns but following a storm in the mid-19th century, only 15 remain today. The monument can be found fringed by trees inside an archaeological park at the centre of the city. To see this ancient site rubbing shoulders with the modern-day capital is quite an experience on our holidays to Athens.

Soak up the Views from Filopappou Hill: Away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, Filopappou Hill, also called the ‘Hill of the Muses’, is a green oasis believed to be the mythical battleground of Theseus and the Amazons. Linked by old stone paths, you can explore this ancient site on foot. At its summit is the Filopappou Monument and mausoleum, and you can enjoy immense views over Athens and the Acropolis from here. Walk to the foot of the hill and you’ll find a beautiful 16th-century church with timber roof, marble floors and an 18th-century fresco of St Dimitrios.

Experience the Greek Culture: If you want to take some time out from exploring the ancient sites on your holiday to Athens, the city has a vibrant cultural scene where you can hang out among the locals. You’ll find plenty of cafes where people spill out onto the pavements and they’re perfect for watching the world go by. Or why not visit the Monastiraki flea market where local traders sell a range of second-hand goods? Athens also has an impressive art scene with a good selection of galleries where you can while away a couple of hours.

Visit the Panathenaic Stadium: Another ancient site you should try and see during Athens holidays is the Panathenaic Stadium. Built entirely out of marble in the 4th century BC, and restored in the late 19th century, the stadium hosted the Panathenaic Games and was later used for the opening and closing ceremonies of the first modern Olympics in 1896. Legend has it that at the time of Hadrian’s inauguration in 120 AD, 1000 animals were sacrificed here. As you stand amid the sprawling rows of marble seats, you can almost hear the excitement and noise of the crowd from times gone by.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Greece . The ancient sites were interesting and brought to life by the almost forgotten stories from Greek Mythology. The museums were excellent and complemented these sites. It was not just Ancient Greece as Mystras and Meteora were amazing too especially with their locations . We drove through some beautiful countryside and alongside the blue, blue sea. A well balanced trip

Elizabeth Robinson Highlights of Ancient Greece

We had a fantastic time visiting the ancient Greek sites. It really brought to life all the stories that I’d read about the ancient civilisations.

Paul Methven Highlights of Ancient Greece

Great trip if you’re interested in Greek history. Sites visited cater well for visitors and museums are well set out. Countryside and scenery is lovely. Besides last day driving time each day not too long. Accommodation was clean and comfortable. Nice pace to each day.

Melanie Mclaren Highlights of Ancient Greece

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