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Building the eBioAtlas

Partnering with NatureMetrics and IUCN to restore biodiversity

In response to our world’s double crises of climate change and accelerated biodiversity loss, Exodus Travels have made a Nature Net Positive commitment, to ensure our adventures give far more back to nature than they take. As part of this commitment, we are delighted to establish a partnership with NatureMetrics and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), in support of the eBioAtlas. Together, we will set up a process by which our clients can take samples on their adventures, to help support conservation action and inform world biodiversity policy

The eBioAtlas, a joint initiative of IUCN and NatureMetrics, aims to monitor biodiversity in different areas around the world, in order to map the distribution of various species and contribute to global knowledge of ecosystems through genetics and cutting-edge technology.

The sample-taking process is based on the fact that species leave traces of their DNA in different environments, such as waterways, wetlands and forests. Using the innovative eDNA technique, it is possible to know the species present in different ecosystems, as well as their migration habits by simply pushing water through a filter with a syringe.

The information collected will be part of the world’s largest repository of flora and fauna species data, contributing not only to local biodiversity but also to a complete global map. This will inform species assessments on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, and help identify sites in need of protection as Key Biodiversity Areas.

Exodus Travels and Nature Metrics will be working together to enable interested clients to take freshwater samples across a number of our destinations, while on their adventures. Once the freshwater samples are analysed, clients will receive an update following their holidays as to what valuable conservation data their sample has helped to identify. The aim is for this opportunity to be offered to our clients from Autumn 2022.

Find out more about the eBioAtlas here.

“We’re delighted to be establishing a partnership with NatureMetrics and the innovative eBioAtlas project. As an adventure travel company with a mission to improve life for people, places and planet, we’re excited to work with NatureMetrics to enable our clients to collect freshwater samples on their global adventures, thereby using our business model to contribute towards this crucial work for the long term conservation and restoration of biodiversity.”

Kasia Morgan, Head of Sustainability and Community, Exodus Travels

“Information within the eBioAtlas will provide important data for companies, NGOs, policymakers and communities alike. eDNA surveys democratise the acquisition of biodiversity data. By creating the world’s most comprehensive knowledge base on freshwater and terrestrial biodiversity, the eBioAtlas will contribute to identifying priority areas for biodiversity conservation and restoration, supporting the IUCN Red Data List, and protected areas. It is fantastic that Exodus are engaging their clients in the process of citizen science to help global biodiversity”  

Mike Morris, Head of Programme for the eBioAtlas programme for NatureMetrics