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With over 2,000 miles of coastline and river deltas, 2,000 years of history and 54 different peoples, each with their own culture, it’s no wonder that in Vietnam there are so many flavours to savour.

A Taste of Vietnam

Local guide Phuong Tran is so passionate about Vietnamese food that he used to have his own restaurant. But for nine years he’s been leading Exodus groups, and from the tastiest summer rolls to divine noodles, he knows where does them best.

“I met my wife in Ho Chi Minh City. That’s where my restaurant was. She’s a chef and taught me the skill of tasting. Now after trying a meal, I can re-create it – the same, or even better!”

“As a tour guide, I love to share my passion for food with my guests. In Vietnam we enjoy food together – cooking and eating it, that’s what makes it so special. And that’s what I show my Exodus guests.”

The local families we stay within the Mekong Delta live with two or three generations under one roof, and the guests like cooking with the family, washing the dishes, playing with the kids and learning traditional games from them. It isn’t like staying in any old breakfast stop with hot water and WiFi.

vietnamese food marketVietnam food market

But it isn’t just the cooking, it’s the ingredients that are special too.

“Everything is very fresh and found at local markets… vegetables that were harvested that morning, fish still swimming. Some of the best food is street food. Wherever you are in the country, just ask the locals what to eat, and where to eat it.”

A Vietnamese Food AdventureTaste Goi Cuon (summer rolls) in Vietnam

“In Hanoi, I know the best shop for fresh summer rolls. The sauce is like nothing you can make at home – even the locals are addicted!

Then there’s the place with noodles so tasty that people keep coming back, even though it’s busy and the owner is rude. She has her secret ingredients! In Hue, my home town, our special addition is a fish paste, which makes flavours stronger, or fermented tofu, which is what makes our pancakes so good.”

“I see every one of my guests as my friend. At the same time, I never forget that my guests are on holiday, so I want their every moment in Vietnam to be different and special. I want to show them the best of my country – the markets, the landscape, the architecture, the local people and their amazing food – and share my favourite recipes and restaurants.”

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