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Top Destinations For 2017

As another year flies past, it’s time for us to ask ourselves one simple question: where next? Well, we have a few ideas. Join us as we explore some of the most exciting and adventurous places to travel in 2017!


Yoho National Park, Canada Yoho National Park, Canada


2017 is a big year for Canada! The country celebrates 150 years of its confederation, with events planned throughout the year; it’s sure to be a good time. Canada is at the top of everyone’s 2017 travel lists, so there’s no better time to discover the rugged beauty of this northern land and its amazing wildlife. Take me to Canada


Choquequirao Choquequirao


The home of the ancient Inca Empire, Peru is an essential destination, and 2017 is the ideal time to travel here. In addition to the classic treks to Machu Picchu, the city ruins resplendent atop their jungle-draped mountain perch, adventures to Choquequirao are just emerging as an off-the-beaten-path alternative! Take me to Peru


Snorkelling, Australia Snorkelling, Australia


2017 marks the first year we’re able to take you to the sun-soaked islands and jaw-dropping reefs of Australia. There’s so much to experience, with a staggering diversity of environments ranging from glittering white sand beaches to deep, steamy rainforests, to the harsh world of the outback. Take me to Australia


Dancer - Bhutan Festival Dancer - Bhutan Festival


Why Bhutan? Think festivals. This tiny mountain kingdom is a land of great beauty, but it is most intriguing for the many celebrations that explode into life throughout the year, complete with dancing, music, elaborate costumes and rituals. Paro in March and Thimpu in October are well-worth planning a trip around! Take me to Bhutan


Lemur, Madagascar Lemur, Madagascar


This year, David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II showcased the bizarre, unique majesty of the island of Madagascar and its wonderful wildlife. This is a land of lemurs and birds found nowhere else, stunning in their beauty. If this wasn’t inspiration enough, there’s a new way to discover the island with our Cycle Madagascar adventure! Take me to Madagascar


Uvac Canyon, Zlatar Uvac Canyon, Zlatar


A total newcomer to the Exodus map, Serbia is a quintessential Balkan treasure. A crossroads between East and West, Serbia has developed a rich and storied culture. Architectural styles, cuisine, wine and local traditions all reflect this fascinating duality, making this a new and fascinating country to immerse yourself in. Take me to Serbia


Registan Square, Uzbekistan Registan Square, Uzbekistan


For anyone wanted to head off the beaten path, Uzbekistan is calling. Travel in time, from the ancient empires of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan, along the mercantile Silk Road, through the ravages of the Soviet Union to the modern day. Take me to Uzbekistan


Strokkur, Iceland Strokkur, Iceland


Iceland has danced directly into the limelight in recent years and there’s no sign of its light dimming any time soon. Whether you’re on a wintry pilgrimage to see the dazzling northern lights or a summertime jaunt in a land of volcanoes, geysers and waterfalls, this is a playground for the nature lover. Take me to Iceland

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