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Cycling, the open roads of South America

Cycling Holidays in South America

South America Cycling Holidays

Fully immersive into the local culture, the trip takes in the ways of life across a hugely populated and relatively underdeveloped state of Tamil Nadu and the more prosperous and relatively developed state of Kerala. It is not for the faint heated as long cycling days end with relatively modest accommodation and throughout the local food is the only option, and toilet stops basic.

Sarah Chesser Southern India Coast to Coast Ride

I had a great trip, despite unfortunately not being able to visit Panama due to the ongoing protests. We had 5 days in Nicaragua and 10 day in Costa Rica, every day was different and the wildlife was out of this world. The first week was very busy, cycling a lot with many hills, the second week was a lot more relaxed but still with cycling and activities. We went on 2 crocodile safaris which were great fun as well as some free time in La Fortuna, which came at a great time after a hard weeks cycling. Our Leader, Guilermo (Memo) was great, he had a wicked sense of humour as well as being a great cyclist, i unfortunately wasn’t as fast but enjoyed it all the same!

Oren Blindell Cycle Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama

A thoroughly enjoyable and amazing experience involving some of the most varied and awe-inspiring scenery within Northern Chile and Argentina. We felt that this trip was a cost effective and immersive way of enjoying the scenery. I would re-iterate a previous comment that although the distances often don’t appear that long the combination of altitude, heat, road surface and transfers made for long and tiring days. As a result of our group size a number of the hotels were changed, notwithstanding this we were generally disappointed with the standard and cleanliness of the hotels we stayed in bar a few notable exceptions. Despite the more negatives aspects we have outlined we would definitely recommend the trip as the experience more than overcame any downside.

Claire & Andrew Pattison Cycle Chile & Argentina: Atacama to Salta