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Lake District Chile

Lake District

Lake District Adventure Holidays

Very good tour but with a few niggles. This was the first Discover Chile tour for 2 years, both for Exodus and for our guide.
The first niggle was that the guide didn’t have accurate or complete guest arrival information. My wife and I were successfully met at the airport the day before the official land tour start. However the guide didn’t have any information about four guests and thought that the remaining guest was only arriving the next day ( which meant she would be quarantining). So the Santiago tour was cancelled. My wife and I went on our own to explore, as the guide was expecting to have to meet the remaining guest. However it turned out that all of the other guests had arrived before us and turned up in the hotel lobby for the tour. The guide tried to contact us but we didn’t see the messages until it was too late to join her.
There was some confusion for one of the plane trips where our tickets were all marked as standby! We all got on but it was confusing.
For our stay in Punta Varas it was a little disconcerting when many of the restaurants closed at 7. This also surprised the guide, who hadn’t been to the town for 2 years.
We also missed out on the boat trip in the lakes because of a landslip and the back-up view from the ski resort was stopped by treacherous sleeting weather. It felt like there could have been an extra day in the Lakes region.
The first breakfast in the hotel in Puerto Natales was very disappointing, but they made a much better breakfast the next time. Perhaps they were rusty after a long break from foreign tourism.
In all the to-ing and fro-ing with Easter Island extensions our final transfer to the airport dropped off. Not a big issue because the guide sorted us out very efficiently.
The scenery was stunning throughout and more than made up for any long journeys

Colin Hitchin Discover Chile

This was our first adventure with Exodus, but we are not new to cycle touring having used several other tour companies in the past. This was also our first time in South America and it was memorable for many reasons – the stunning scenery, the excellent guides and the surprising amount of rough surfaces we had to ride on.

Veronica Allan Cycling the Lake District of Chile & Argentina

Overall a good trip with generally good accommodation throughout. Exceptional level of support from the brothers Ti and Yal together with the driver Mathias. There is more ‘down’ time than on previous Exodus trips of all sorts which is something to note. The focus is very much on scenery rather than a different culture which you are likely to get in Asia, for example. Compared with some grade 4 trips that I have done recently, this tends to be on the lower end of the scale (in my view), but please be aware of the amount of cycling on gravel.

Nigel Martin Cycling the Lake District of Chile & Argentina