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Petra Jordan

Petra Holidays

Petra Tour Holidays

A Week in Jordan

9 Days from £ 1,449
£ 1,349

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Visit the highlights of Jordan including magnificent Petra


Jordan: Culture & Nature In Depth

Citadel, Amman, Jordan
12 Days from £ 2,149

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Our most comprehensive Jordan trip. Visit every UNESCO site, plus nature reserves and all the highlights.


Hidden Treasures of Jordan

Petra's Treasury
12 Days from £ 2,099
£ 1,999

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Explore Jordan's archaeological highlights and crusader castles


Petra & Wadi Rum by Bike

Group shot, Jordan
9 Days from £ 1,599

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Cycle through Jordan's desert and visit the most impressive historical UNESCO sites


Kingdoms of Jordan – Premium Adventure

Premium Adventures

9 Days from £ 2,449
£ 2,299

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Discover the ancient to modern Kingdoms of Jordan


Petra & Wadi Rum Trek

Trekking through the Wadi Rum
8 Days from £ 1,449

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Enjoy a magical desert trek through Jordan

Walking & Trekking

Bedouin Trails of Jordan & Egypt

Mount Sinai, Egypt
12 Days from £ 3,199
£ 2,999

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

An active trip to Mount Sinai, Dana Nature Reserve, Petra and the Pyramids at Giza.


Jordan to Egypt: Nabateans & Pharaohs

Abu Simbel Temple
14 Days from £ 2,999
£ 2,799

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Visit the classic highlights of Jordan and Egypt: Petra, the Valley of the Kings, the pyramids, Abu Simbel, Wadi Rum and more.


Petra & Wadi Rum Family Adventure

Petra and Wadi Rum Adventure
9 Days from £ 1,699

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime with your loved ones in Jordan


A well organised journey through 7000 years of history, culture, belief systems, power struggles between civilisations, political structures and societal organisation, up to the present.

All this evidenced in writings, architecture, artefacts uncovered by robbers and sold to collectors and more recently findings uncovered by archaeologists. Our guides did an excellent job of bringing the story together from the finds and monuments on display at the sites we visited.

We discussed the differing technologies used to manage water by varying civilisations in both countries, where scarceness and at times surplus caused differing problems to solve as well as current religions, power structures, how families are organised, geopolitical alliances and governance.



Connor Bannon Jordan to Egypt: Nabateans & Pharaohs

First of all, this is an AMAZING trip. It is perfectly designed to have the right amount of activity, sights, experiences and cycling. There’s downtime, there’s bike rides, there’s not too long in the coach, there’s swimming and hammam and sights and I really appreciated three nights in the same hotel in Petra. I had never been on a cycling holiday before and so I have a few things to say about that! I cycle around my home town a lot and go to the gym so I kinda thought I would be fine. And I was fine, BUT what I wasn’t prepared for were the steep downhills! So that is what I would like to warn people about. If you are not a confident cyclist and if you are scared going fast downhill, then be warned, there is a LOT of that! Here is my breakdown of the cycling. Everything else was pretty much PERFECT! Obviously, we pretty much all got sick! And our cycle guide was pretty useless, but apart from that…! DAY TWO [first day of cycling]. Got our bikes, our cycle guide Iz, zoomed off downhill along a major road, without any introduction. I found this a really challenging first day. There was no gentle introduction to the roads, off we went! There was a mix of downhill and flat, but the pace was crazily fast. Things settled down on day three, but I thought the guide was really rubbish on this first day and there was no pacing at all. He was monosyllabic anyway, but I was at the back the whole time and he really didn’t care to check in! Our guide eventually had a go at him and he did token checks on us, but not impressed! DAY THREE gentle ride to Nebo and then we had to go down the windy highway for ages. I was dreading it, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought and actually better than yesterday! The pace was much better. The last part of day was a flat, hot slog along a motorway [!] to the Dead Sea. DAY FIVE Pleasantly undulating! My favourite day of cycling. Little Petra was fab too! DAY SIX I was of course sick by this point. The big bad long day! There are maybe two super steep sections and maybe two long ascents, but it was definitely a great day’s ride. Iz didn’t want to tell us about the ride, for some reason, but he eventually described it as section one downhill, section two undulating, section three flat, and that’s broadly true. DAY SEVEN needed a bag for swimming, a bag for wadi rum camp ,and a bag for the bus. So that was a mental challenge!! Today’s ride was another flat, hot slog, but great. I’m starting to think I actually prefer undulating! At one point the guide, Iz, told me to get a move on! Wadi Rum completely exceeded expectations. Loved the camels. Loved the stargazing. Loved everything – food, culture, the sights, the hotels, it was all great. I give this trip 10/10 for experience. Consider if the cycling is the right level for you, it WAS the right level for me, but I was always at the back because of the scary downhills, but i’m SO GLAD I did it! Also, our group was just gorgeous.

Lynne Bateman Petra & Wadi Rum by Bike

This trip included exploring ancient cities, hiking the back trail into Petra, walking through the desert, a nighttime hike of Mt Sinai, swimming in the Red Sea and a visit to the pyramids and sphinx.

Sean Thomas Foley Bedouin Trails of Jordan & Egypt