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Morocco Desert Tours

Morocco Desert Tours

Morocco Desert Trips

Highlights of Morocco

Sahara Desert
15 Days from £ 1045
£ 995

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Imperial cities, Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert and the Atlantic coast


Marrakech & the Sahara

Morocco Camels
8 Days from £ 799
£ 749

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Exciting adventure in the Sahara Desert and High Atlas Mountains


Marrakech, Camels & the Sahara – Family Adventure

Sahara Desert
8 Days from £ 999
£ 899

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Exciting family adventure in Marrakech, the High Atlas Mountains and the Sahara.


Highlights of Morocco – In Comfort

Morocco dishes
15 Days from £ 1599

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Imperial cities, Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert and Atlantic coast


Treasures of Morocco – Premium Adventure

Premium Adventures

Sahara Desert
12 Days from £ 2499

Guided Group (Excl. Flights)

Premium accommodation, striking Imperial cities, the High Atlas Mountains and the Sahara


Top 5 Experiences on Sahara Desert Holidays

Camel Ride: When you picture the Sahara Desert, it’s likely the first thing you’ll envisage is an Arab riding a camel across vast golden sands. So, it’s only fitting that on Sahara Desert holidays, you experience this for yourself first hand. Camels are an important part of Moroccan culture as they were often used to carry all sorts of goods, such as salt, gold and tea on the Trans-Saharan trade route. On our Morocco desert tour of the Sahara, you can enjoy a 1.5-hour camel trek along the sandy dunes of this vast and beautiful desert which culminates in an otherworldly experience as you watch the sunset transform the land into a sea of fiery orange and red.

Visit Fez Medina: In stark contrast to the tranquility and remoteness of the Sahara Desert, Fez Medina is a frenetic labyrinth of alleyways and squares filled with aromatic food stalls, fountains and souks where local artisans sell wares such as leather, copper and brass. The medina of Fez is one of the largest in the world and is an integral part of Moroccan culture, dating back to the 9th century. Some of the most interesting sights to look out for include the huge brass entrance to the Bou Inania Madrasa, the Chouara Tannery, and the beautiful old Islamic school, built on the 1300s.

Experience a Traditional Hammam: Nestled into the High Atlas Mountains, Tigzha is one of only four traditional villages in the valley. Exodus has supported the village with various responsible tourism projects for over 10 years and a trip to Tigzha on our Sahara Desert holidays introduces you to the beating heart of Moroccan culture. While you’re here, you can enjoy an authentic experience at the local hammam where you’ll have the opportunity to mingle with the villagers and learn more about their fascinating way of life.

Stay in a Bedouin Camp: Life in the Sahara Desert, Morocco is a far cry from our usual daily lives and a journey into the sprawling sand dunes takes us away from civilisation as we know it. This is a unique and totally enthralling trips that needs to be experienced. After travelling by camel on a Morocco desert tour of the Sahara, you’ll spend the night at an authentic Bedouin camp. When it’s not too cold, sit outside and spend the evening gazing up at the vast, star-studded sky as you try to comprehend the magnificence of your surroundings.

Attend an Argan Oil Workshop: Morocco is the only country in the world where you’ll find argan trees and we guide you into the High Atlas Mountains to the women’s cooperative Argan Oil farm. The Berber women pick the nuts from the Argan trees and crack them open ready for selling at the market. As well as being able to buy an array of Argan Oil products, you’ll also get to see how the oil is made with a hands-on demonstration. On our Sahara Desert holidays, we want to bring you closer to the heart of each destination and this is a wonderful experience that gives you a much greater knowledge of the local people and their customs.

The authenticity of this trip is amazing. Very cultural and very beautiful.

mandy-lee vermeulen Highlights of Morocco – In Comfort

When we agreed to this trip, I was nervous to say the least. Our guide Lahcen and the people of Morocco immediately put all of that to ease. We had an amazing trip. Lahcen and our other tour guides taught us about the culture, history, Islam faith and community of Morocco. It was unbelievable. I’d also be remiss not to mention Abdul, our driver. The care he took in getting us from destination to destination was awesome!!

Bart Haag Treasures of Morocco – Premium Adventure

I went into this trip with very little knowledge of what to expect. I am leaving Morocco with a true appreciation of the people, the culture, the landscape and the history. The trip was very well curated and we were extremely well taken care of throughout the entire experience. Our guide, Lahcen, was incredible; he shared so much of himself, his humor, his culture and was very willing to answer anything we asked about politics, religion or history. The guides in each city/town were also very informative and insightful.

Heidi Fisher Treasures of Morocco – Premium Adventure

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