We’re excited to announce that our long-standing Exodus guide, award-winning photographer and conservationist, Paul Goldstein, will be taking travellers beyond the guidebook in October on an incredible voyage across South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. With spaces filling up quickly, Paul shares with us 5 reasons why travellers should make up for lost time and secure a spot on this photographic expedition of a lifetime in 2022.

“In early October a very special ship – the Magellan (Max 96 berths – The Antarctic treaty restricts numbers ashore to 100) will set sail from Port Stanley, Falklands on an exclusive photography expedition. A spanking new vessel at the top of its class this voyage will concentrate on the faunal wilderness of the Falklands and South Georgia. For wildlife, wilderness and photography fans there is nowhere like it.

The ship is over half full already with people desperate to get (back) to these remarkable maritime destinations. So, why should you step aboard? Here are FIVE good reasons:

1. The itinerary

King penguins in South Georgia

Starting from the Falklands, this trip doesn’t waste sailing time from Ushuaia. Travelling in the early season will mean no competition with other ships, so every daylight hour can be maximised on the most potent landings.

2. The Ship

The Magellan is the only small ship (under 100 berths) built in the last few years. As an expedition vessel, it is in a class of its own: obscenely over-qualified for these demanding waters. Cabins are all en-suite, with modern facilities and a very respectable top speed. She is top of the class for the South Atlantic. There are restrictions on large vessels, so the size of this ship is not by coincidence.

3. The expert staff

Paul Goldstein and Mark Carwardine

Paul Goldstein and Mark Carwardine have worked many times together in polar waters and are excited to return to this photographic Eden. Both know the other staff on the ship, and all are keen to really maximise the time in these two precious Atlantic jewels. Both are award-winning photographers and have followings of guests who know just how hard they will work on this very special departure.

 4. The early season

Seals in South Georgia

Think dawn and twilight at a decent hour, think huge elephant seals jousting in the surf and think beaches free from the sometimes-aggressive fur seal. Also, think of snow adding something more to your images. And think of millions of penguins.

 5. The destination

King penguin rookies in South Georgia

For wildlife fans, ornithologists, photographers, landscape aficionados and/or adventurers nothing comes close to South Georgia. Contemplate an early coffee on deck, a hurried light breakfast, then a coruscating sunrise, gilding hanging glaciers and towering mountains ashore. There are huge giant petrels arcing above your Zodiac, penguins porpoise effortlessly beside it, elephant seals are fighting for dominance on the beach ahead of you and there is the raucous symphony of thousands of king penguins. You haven’t even set foot on the beach yet. Impressed, intimidated, bewildered, overwhelmed, captivated … ? Yes, all of those – and this is just the first five minutes. Fit for Kings …. six million of them.

Several months ago, incredibly, Shackleton’s Endurance was found in seemingly rude good health. Wisely and correctly, it was left in its deep-water grave. The Boss is buried in South Georgia, we will, as ever, walk to his grave to pay homage to the greatest of them all, a man who humbles today’s pretty-boy ‘explorers’. His spectre looms large over the island, and you will learn much of him and his remarkable colleagues. He was captivated by these remote outposts, come and find out why.”

If these reasons have inspired you to photograph fascinating wildlife while walking past glaciated peaks on our South Georgia and Falkland Islands Photographic Expedition,  get in touch with a member of our team by calling 0203 811 5817. And hurry, spots on this special departure are filling up fast!