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Our multi-destination trips show how subtle neighbourly influences know no borders. Why soak up the cultures and rhythms of just one country when you can dive into three or even four?

Best for Volcanoes and Idyllic Islands

Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama

A chance to see both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, this exciting trio is fresh for exploration and contemplation. From the white-pillared colonial city of Grenada, take a lazy boat ride on Lake Nicaragua and admire its imposing volcano, a spot steeped in local myth, legend and ritual.

With eleven different habitats inside Costa Rica’s borders alone – from rainforest to mangrove, beaches to lagoons – its birds, mammals and marine life make for a memorable immersion into the verdant heart of this ecological success story.

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Best for Monks and Markets

Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia

Southeast Asia offers an intense, sublime lesson in how natural beauty and man-made interventions can combine to create a whole much greater than the sum of its parts.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the Indochina peninsula – a long promontory of land stretching southwards towards the islands of Indonesia. This leisurely 30-day adventure is the ultimate exploration of the cultures, landscapes and fabled history of the peninsula.

You’ll visit the neon-bathed streets of Bangkok, where ancient temples rub up against steaming street food shacks, venture into the limestone caves of Laos, sail on Vietnam’s island-studded Halong Bay and the rivers of the Mekong Delta.

There’s time to wander the colonial-era architecture of Hanoi before a final, sobering visit to Cambodia’s Killing Fields.

Best for Churches and Lush Scenery

Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Balkans have felt under the radar for a long time. Often misunderstood, this cluster of countries offers a rare opportunity to delve into an undiscovered corner of Europe.

And it’s so easy to relish these little-known gems. Strolling in the breeze around archaeologically exquisite Lake Ohrid, past its ancient churches, fortresses and theatres, you’ll wonder why it’s taken you so long to get here.

The spirited Albanian bazaars and restaurants of Tirana contrast with the working mountain community of Sirogojno and the lush Serbian spa town of Vrnjacka Banja – all giving you a glimpse into the Balkan’s past, and hints at its exciting future.

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Best for UNESCO Heritage Sites

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Since gaining their independence twenty or so years ago, the tiny Baltic states have wasted no time in indelibly impressing themselves on our imaginations.

Here, in the northeast corner of the European mainland, you’ll find some of the continent’s most perfectly preserved old towns surrounded by vast hinterlands of moorland, forests and lakes, and a scattering of tranquil off-shore islands.

When a storm rages in the Baltic, glistening chunks of amber are washed ashore – fossilised remnants of long-vanished forests.

With their rich and proud history, it’s no surprise that the capitals – Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius are home to mesmerising architecture, art and venerable cultural institutions. But for real street life, the markets and summer-long programme of music festivals vividly bring these captivating countries to life.

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