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The Great Wall
Great Wall of China in Summer, China

The Great Wall of China

Our Great Wall of China Holidays

On Offer

Walking the Great Wall

The Great Wall
9 Days from CAD 2,468
CAD 2,355

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Trek one of the seven wonders of the world

Walking & Trekking
On Offer

Imperial China & Yangtze River Cruise

The Great Wall
19 Days from CAD 6,838
CAD 5,930

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

An extensive itinerary covering China's length and breadth


Essential China

The Great Wall
11 Days from CAD 3,800

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Travel from Beijing to Shanghai to discover China's highlights


Top 5 Sections to See on a Great Wall of China Tour

Mutianyu: Almost 80km northeast of Beijing, the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall connects the Juyongguan Pass and Gubeikou and plays an important role in the history and culture of China. Dating back to 550, Mutianyu is one of the best-preserved parts of the wall and remains relatively untouched. Surprisingly, it sees fewer tourists than other sections, yet it’s one of the most spectacular. From the top of the walls, views roll uninterrupted across the countryside which is peppered with orchards and pine forests. Along the wall, you’ll come across crenellated parapets that were once used to defend against the enemies.

Jinshanling: Another well-preserved section you’ll walk along during our Great Wall trips is Jinshanling. This was built in the Ming Dynasty era and towers seven metres high, featuring five passes, two beacon towers and an astonishing 67 watchtowers. You’ll also find various structures that would have been used as bedrooms and to store soldiers’ weapons. With the mountains of Luanping County as its backdrop, Jinshanling is one of the most scenic and impressive parts of the Great Wall. Spring and autumn are great times to walk here as the temperatures are pleasant and the landscapes are drenched with colour.

Jiankou: Jiankou is a notorious section of the Great Wall, owing to its wild and dangerous ridges hugged by towers but it’s the mountain scenery enveloping it that makes it one of the most beautiful too. This part of the wall was made using white dolomite and runs via the Beijing Knot which connects Mutianyu and Huanghuacheng. Other famous parts of the wall include the Nine-Eye Tower, Sky Stair, Zhengbei Tower, and the Eagle Flies Facing Upward, which was given its name because of the distinctive shape that’s formed by the watchtower and mountains. For those with a head for heights, there’s an optional climb up to Sanshibadeng for 360-degree panoramic views.

Huanghuacheng: This is one of the most rural and lesser-explored sections of the Great Wall of China and its lakeside setting is spellbinding. Meaning ‘yellow flower city’, Huanghuacheng is a beautiful sight in the summer when the mountains are covered in a sea of yellow wildflowers. While sections of this walk can be challenging at times, you’re rewarded with the most captivating scenery. But what makes Huanghuacheng really stand out is that it’s the only part of the wall where some of its sections are hidden beneath the water.  Visitors can take an optional boat trip here to view the wall from a totally unique perspective.

Panlongshan: The Panlongshan Great Wall runs between Jinshanling and Gubeikou and has remained untouched since the Ming Dynasty. While some sections of the wall are intact, other parts have deteriorated throughout the centuries. This gives you a wonderful insight into the original structure of the wall and lets you take a step back in time to uncover its fascinating history. You’ll be wowed by both the scenery and architecture of structures such as the watchtowers and the triple-tiered 24-Eyes Tower.

What a fab 10 days!! Great walking, excellent guide, fab food ..

Donald Moffatt Walking the Great Wall

Walking was moderate to challenging in places for some people, the very fit may have found the pace slowed down a bit but more time to take in the views! The less walked sections were the best and we met very few other people unlike the more tourist sections but it didn’t feel too over crowded in May. The guest houses were mainly better than we had anticipated, all were clean and the hosts were exceptionally welcoming and the food was plentiful.

Kathleen Goodey Walking the Great Wall

This was the first trip of its kind travelling around China with Exodus. It covered all the iconic sights and we used every mode of transport. There were some incredible sights and experiences which could only be done with an experienced local leader and a small group. There were just eight of us.

Anita Wainwright Essential China

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