Many people initially take up running to get fit and active, but soon they discover there is so much more than simply its health benefits. Running gives a real sense of freedom; an ability to explore amazing places, that are sometimes inaccessible to the masses, just by using your own two feet. Running also introduces you to a fantastic community of like-minded people, who share your experiences and celebrate your achievements. parkrun is a great place to start. The support and friendly atmosphere there builds your running confidence. And once you have that, the options are limitless! We explore 4 different types running landscapes that you could try out when you book your next Exodus adventure.

Your Guide to a Different Kind of parkrun

City-break runners

Going for a run on a city-break is a great way to explore your new surroundings. If you’re enjoying a weekend away in the U.K., the popularity of parkrun means that you are likely to only be a few miles away from your nearest Saturday morning 5K. The same applies to South Africa and parts of Australia, whilst across Europe and the USA parkrun is growing and new city locations are popping up all the time.

However, for destinations that are still outside of the parkrun radar, don’t be afraid to put on your trainers and explore what the local area has to offer. On our Highlights of Central Europe adventure, we pass through the breathtaking city of Krakow, and what better way to soak up the Renaissance and Baroque architectural gems studded around the city, than putting on your running shoes. If you’re looking for another city run, we’d recommend using one of the city stops on our Porto to Lisbon Atlantic Ride in Portugal as an opportunity to take a break from the bike and explore these charming, historic locations in your running gear.

Your Guide to a Different Kind of parkrun

Countryside runners

Running in the countryside is an exhilarating and, at the same time, serene experience; a chance to get away from the rush of everyday life, breathe in the fresh air and soak up some of the glorious sights. With some fantastic trails up and down the country, you don’t need to venture far to have this experience. The rolling hills and picturesque riverside paths of the Cotswolds make this region one of our favourite places and combining our Best of the Cotswolds Self-Guided Walk with a run or two along the way will showcase this area at its best. Alternatively, further north, our Walking The Best of Hadrian’s Wall tour provides excellent opportunities for a trail run alongside this impressive archaeological site.

Your Guide to a Different Kind of parkrun

Coastal runners

Dramatic coastal scenery and often challenging trails offer sublime running possibilities. Head to the remote Northumberland Coast or to Dorset’s gorgeous Jurassic Coast for unspoilt, jaw-dropping scenery of rugged cliff tops and crashing sea waves that will blow the cobwebs away at any time of year!

Further afield, our Walking the Amalfi Coast tour, showcases one of the most picturesque coastlines in Europe, if not the world. Take the chance here to run its shoreline trails, which rise up over ancient hillsides, amongst the lemon groves and alongside the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean, before dropping into quaint, Italian sun-drenched villages. In South Africa, our Cape Town & the Garden Route holiday takes in a truly spectacular coastline. Run alone across the sands of wild, beautiful beaches, flanked by the powerful Atlantic Ocean, as the rugged coastline towers overhead or seek out one of the many parkruns available across the country and share this amazing experience with other fellow runners.

Your Guide to a Different Kind of parkrun

Forest runners

Following a trail that winds around the trees, undulating through the vegetation, over tree roots and across riverbeds is good for the mind, body and soul; the technicality of forest trail running allowing only for presence in the moment. Put on your trainers to explore the trails in the Dordogne, whilst on our self-guided River Walk tour of the region and discover its beautiful hidden gems; ancient woodlands, truffle orchards and valleys with rivers that weave between the medieval villages. Across the border, the forest and heath trails that meander within the stunning natural landscape of the Altmuhltal Nature Park, Bavaria, is like a runner’s adventure playground.

Diverse and dynamic cityscapes to wild and awe-inspiring natural vistas, you can’t deny the opportunities to discover a new type of parkrun are endless. Whether it’s getting fit whilst meeting new people at one of the many official parkruns across the world or off on an adventure on your own, tying up your laces for a run will deliver a breath-taking experience in more ways than one!