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Take yourself on a visual adventure through jaw-dropping South East Asia. Beloved by backpackers and adventurers alike, South East Asia has topped travel lists long before the term bucket list starting kicking around, and it’s not exactly hard to see why.

With tantalising cuisine, heaps to see and do, and a fascinating, though sometimes very bloody, history, it is no surprise that travellers from all walks of life have fallen head over heels for this instantly likeable part of our planet.

Here are just 21 reasons to go travelling in South East Asia.

Things to See in South East Asia

It’s incredibly photogenic.

The colours are mesmerising.

Reasons to go Travelling in South East AsiaInle Lake, Myanmar/Burma 

You can spend the night on a traditional Vietnamese boat…

Climb beautiful, atmospheric volcanoes…

Reasons to go Travelling in South East AsiaMount Bromo, Java


And walk through beautiful terraced fields.

philippines viewGreat views, Philippines 


There are endless spectacular temples to discover…

Which you can explore by bike…

Reasons to go Travelling in South East AsiaCycling in Bagan, Myanmar/Burma

And see devout monks going about their day.

Reasons to go Travelling in South East AsiaStudent monks, Myanmar/Burma


 In fact, it’s ideal for people watching generally.

There are friendly faces everywhere…

In incredibly beautiful settings.

Reasons to go Travelling in South East AsiaInle Lake at sunrise, Myanmar/Burma

There is no shortage of spectacular sunrises…

Or sensational sunsets.

sunset in burmaSunset over Bagan, Myanmar/Burma 


Generally, there is beautiful scenery everywhere you go. Whether you’re inland…

Or on an island.

Reasons to go Travelling in South East AsiaFishing boats, Philippines


You can swim and snorkel to your heart’s content…

And unwind on white-sand beaches.

Thrill-seekers can get their kicks with exciting activities…

Foodies can eat like champions…

And history buffs will never be short of iconic places to visit. 

So what’re you waiting for? Time to start packing!

Reasons to go Travelling in South East AsiaMonks, Myanmar/Burma


So there you have it. If you’re not convinced to travel to South East Asia by now, we give up! If we’ve got your attention, though, browse our trips below and head to South East Asia.