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The turquoise waters that lap the Lycian coast not only provide a fantastic place for diving but also provide the beautiful backdrop for the rest of the trip.

The small town of Kas – our base for the week – has in recent years become renowned for being the adventure capital of Lycia. Nature has provided a playground of rivers, canyons, mountains and coast for the adventurous to play in. You just have to be game enough to take part!

Things to do in Turkey

River Tubing

Best Activities in Turkey

River tubing

Feel like a kid again by opting to park your derrière in a rubber ring and paddle down-river. The Saklikent River winds its way past tree-lined banks and tubing provides a fun way to admire the passing scenery as well as to cool off.


Best Activities in Turkey

Canyoning in Turkey

The water-sculpted limestone walls of the Kibris Canyon soar above the river, leaving the bottom in shade. The only way to feel like you’ve explored it thoroughly is to go canyoning in it. You will find yourself abseiling down cliffs, jumping into pools and half-swimming, half-walking as well.

With the rest of the group egging you on and experienced instructors on hand to help, you may find yourself doing things you didn’t know you could do!


This optional activity gives you the chance to view the Lycian coast from the air. Flying tandem, there’s no excuse for anyone not to have a go! If you have the nerve to jump out of the aeroplane, you will be rewarded with a thrilling yet relaxing descent to the ground and a bird’s eye view of the area.

Sea Kayaking

Best Activities in Turkey

Sea kayaking

It’s hard not to think of the stories about the lost city of Atlantis as you kayak over the ancient ruins of Kekova. It’s possible to see the remains of this ancient settlement’s harbour walls as you paddle gently along in double sea kayaks. You also reach a small village which is inaccessible by road; this is a great way to reach a beautiful and peaceful location.

Mountain Biking

Best Activities in Turkey

Mountain biking in Turkey

From the shadows of snowy peaks, past glistening lakes to the coast: biking is a great way to see the real Turkey, easily escaping big cities or massive tourist resorts. Traditional Turkish food is great fuel for a day in the saddle, coupled with fascinating Silk Road history and some well-earned beach time Turkey is a surprisingly appealing biking destination.


Best Activities in Turkey

Hiking in Turkey

If coastal views and sea breezes appeal then the Lycian Way is probably your idea of heaven. This is a long-distance footpath with an edge: the cliffs of the Lycian coastline are a dramatic and beautiful escarpment to discover on two feet. Summiting Mount Olympos adds a bit of bite to the challenge, which balances out well with a day lazing on the long sandy beach at Cirali.

SCUBA Diving

scuba diving in turkey

SCUBA diving

Some of the beauty of the Lycian coast can only be admired from under the waves. There’s the option to go scuba diving – on a try dive for beginners or on a guided dive for those with a PADI certificate.

For the perfect mix and match approach to Turkey, Exodus recommends the Lycian Activity Week, the chance to try almost all of these activities based in the lively port of Kas on the Lycian coast.

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